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Fun Facts and Travel Guide to Guatemala Pacific Coast Beaches

Better known as the “Southern Coast”, this is the Guatemalans favorite place to go. Monterico, the most popular of all, is where Chapines come to bask in the sun and enjoy the black sanded, volcanic beaches. It is filled with private home rentals and Airbnbs as well as some small but good hotels.

Granted, the beaches are nowhere as beautiful as the surrounding countries such as Mexico or Honduras. No white sand and clear water here. Instead, you will find black volcanic beaches.

But they are still a great place to visit if you’re craving a beach experience, you’ll definitely have a blast here. If you go to El Paredon you will be able to do some fun surfing in the great waves. Depending on the season you can also watch the baby sea turtles make their way to the sea.

Fun Facts and Travel Guide to Guatemala Pacific Coast Beaches

Travel Guide to Guatemala Pacific Coast Beaches

Where is It

Here is how to get there: See the map

How’s the Weather

Hot and Humid – 85 °F year-round.

Places to Be

These are the most popular hot spots in this region. But for the gotta-see-it-all traveler, scroll down to the CITIES LESS TRAVELED to get the goods on this whole region.


Monterrico is the most popular black-sanded, volcanic beach destination in Guatemala. But it is so much more. This is also the most important and protected area for sea turtles in Guatemala. Imagine seeing a mother turtle come ashore and lay her eggs. How about holding the baby sea turtle in your hand before it goes off to sea. This nature interaction is guaranteed to leave an impression on anyone who visits here.

Can’t Miss This

  • Hawaii Park (Parque Hawaii)
  • Biotope Monterrico-Hawaii
  • Tortuguero Monterrico
  • Turtle tours


Reu, as the locals call it (Retalhuleu), is the gateway to Guatemala’s greatest amusement parks. If you’re not into water rides and other attractions, you can visit the nearby Mayan ruins, Takalik Abaj, or simply relax in the upper-scale accommodations quickly popping up all over the place.

Can’t Miss This

Puerto San Jose

The closest beach to Guatemala City and colonial Antigua Guatemala, you’ll bump heads with the locals coming here during the weekend. At one time this was Guatemala’s main shipping port but has been displaced by the newly built Puerto Quetzal (like the beautiful bird). However, this is definitely a great place for sports fishing.

Can’t Miss This

  • Sail fishing
  • Whale and dolphin watching (depends on the season)
  • Ostrich Farm

So much TO SEE in the Pacific Coast Region!

Top Beaches

  • Monterrico Beach
  • Playa El Tulate
  • El Paredon
  • Chulamar
  • Barra del Jiote
  • Sipacate

Fun Facts and Travel Guide to Guatemala Pacific Coast Beaches -sea turtles

Museums & Gardens

  • Bai Museum (Museo El Bai)
  • Cotzumalguapa Culture Museum (Museo Cultura Cotzumalguapa)
  • Tortugario Monterrico

Especial for Families

Parks & Reserves

  • Hawaii Park (Parque Hawaii)
  • Biotope Monterrico-Hawaii
  • Manchan Guamuchal Wetland Preserve

Fun Facts and Travel Guide to Guatemala Pacific Coast Beaches - surfing

Mayan Ruins

  • Takalik Abaj
  • Bilbao Stones (Las Piedras)

So Much TO DO in the Pacific Coast Region!

Nature & Adventure Activities

  • Turtle Tours
  • Bird and Wildlife watching
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking in the mangroves
  • Sail fishing
  • Boat tours
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rappelling at Los Amates Waterfall

Less Traveled Cities

These are less traveled for a reason, there are ugly and have almost nothing good to offer. So just use them as a pit stop to get more food and water and carry on.

  • Sipacate
  • Santa Luci­a Cotzumalguapa
  • Chiquimulilla
  • Escuintla
  • Taxisco
  • Iztapa
  • La Democracia
  • Las Lisas
  • Puerto Quetzal

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Fun Facts and Travel Guide to Guatemala Pacific Coast Beaches

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