Interesting And Fun Facts About Belize – Welcome to the Caribbean!

Belize is the smallest of all the Central American countries but don’t let it fool you because there are lots of fun facts about Belize, miles of beach, Mayan archaeological sites (Caracol, Xunantunich, and Lamanai), rain forests, lots of animal species and culture with a very noticeable British influence.

It is also a relaxed place where kids are more than welcome and retirees can live the Caribbean dream without it costing a whole fortune, so it isn’t all about the adventure.

Belize at night

Here are fun facts about Belize and recommendations on what to do:

They have an estimated population of only 383,071 (data from 2018) in an area twice as big as Jamaica. Here you can find lots of different cultures including Garifunas, Creoles, Europeans, and Mayans. There might be a lot of cultures in Belize but all of them have a thing in common: They are warm and friendly people.

This is the only country in Central America where the official language is English and Belize has tropical weather with a range of 16° to 30°C. This along with national parks and a Barrier Reef, over 1,000 offshore Cayes (islands) offers tons of fun things to do.

Things to Do in Belize

….* Fishing
….* Scuba diving
….* Snorkeling
….* River rafting
….* Kayaking
….* Hiking
….* Bird watching
….* Discovering Mayan ruins
….* Cave tubing
….* Cruising

And for all of those travelers concerned about the environment, this is also a place where eco-tourism is becoming very popular in this country.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Belize

5 of the 7 Central American countries are considered to be cheap travel destinations. Belize is one of them. It only costs between $60 to $100 per day. This data isn’t an exact science but it will help you have an idea and create a budget.

If you are on a one-week vacation with your significant other you might want to schedule a little over $1000.

Getting Around in Belize

You will find the usual in this country. There are taxis, public transportation, renting bikes, bike rentals, flights, and private shuttle busses.

Out of all of those car rentals, bike rental and private shuttles are your best option. I know they aren’t the cheapest but they are the safest and most comfortable options that you will find to move around.

Snorkeling and turtle spotting in belize

When to Visit Belize?

Belize might be one of the only countries that you will hear me recommend to visit during high season. Yes, this is when it gets most of its visitors but even then, it doesn’t really get crowded by people on vacation.

High season happens between November and late April, these are the dry months. Plus, you don’t need to worry about hurricanes.

This is also the best season for snorkeling, diving, and exploring the famous blue hole.

Other than that you should just follow the basic safety tips for a place that isn’t really dangerous, but still requires a level of being careful to ensure that you stay safe and healthy.

So stop giving it too much thought and come over to this Caribbean Paradise!

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Interesting Facts About Belize - Welcome to the Caribbean!

Last Updated on October 14, 2023

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  1. We’ve moved to Belize 2 months ago, sight unseen, with a 3 & 1 year old and have been pleasantly surprised at how much this little country has to offer. You’ve done a great job summarizing it.

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