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Travel Expert – 7 Golden Travel Tips from My Ten Years of Travel

I love traveling to different places and experiencing new things. The world has so much that needs to be seen, and you are missing out on a lot by sitting at home.Seven travel tips from a travel expert who has been exploring the world for over ten years.Take a look at these to Make your trips better.

I have been traveling for ten years, and these have been the best years of my life. With every new trip, I have learned something new that has worked for me later on. These travel tips have made my trips better and helped me avoid a lot of mishaps and inconveniences.

Here are some golden tips for you that can save you money as well as time.

Travel Expert – 7 Golden Travel Tips from My Ten Years of Travel

1.    Learn the Local Language

Travel Expert

If you are traveling to an area where the local language is different, I recommend that you learn some of it. You don’t need to become an expert on the language overnight. Learning some basic phrases and words can be useful. This way, you get to enjoy the place more.

When you travel somewhere, no one knows the place better than the locals. There are two ways you can find out how to make the best of your time; by hiring a guide/consulting a tourism site or asking the native people. The locals will know the places that offer the best food. They will also be able to help you out on how to get to those places.

When you don’t know the local language, you miss out on such opportunities. Not only can you learn a second language, but you can also help other tourists learn English. Browse at this website to find out more about language learning courses.

2.    Pack Less

Travel Expert

When you are traveling, you need to be more concerned about the place you are visiting. But when you take your entire wardrobe with you, you will be preoccupied with that all the time.

I have a terrible habit of packing everything I own whenever I am traveling. Trust me; it does nothing but cause inconvenience! You are constantly making sure that you don’t leave anything behind, and you have to carry extra weight.

This is especially necessary for people who are going backpacking. A lightweight backpack will make your hiking/journey easier. I have traveled with minimal luggage as well as an overloaded suitcase. My journey has always been easier when I take only that is necessary. Packing less will save you a lot of hassle.

3.     Book Early For Cheap Flights

cheap flights

When you are passionate about traveling like me, you need to find ways to save up your money. That includes booking your flights two-three months early. Not many people consider this option because it is so simple yet overlooked. Instead of waiting till the last minute, you should book the flights early to save money.

There are also certain months when the plane tickets are more expensive. Try to avoid buying your tickets in those and do it when the prices drop. Another benefit of booking early is that you don’t have to worry about unavailable flights at the last moment.

4.    Research before You Travel

research before traveling

While being spontaneous is great, it doesn’t mean you should go anywhere blind. Knowing about the place is important.

I recommend you read a good book about the country/city so you can learn about its history and culture. The book could be as simple as a guidebook or a novel by a local author. It will help you enjoy more.

Go to online websites and find out the best places to stay. What are the best tourist spots? How should you spend your days? Finding out about your destination will help you have a smooth time!

5.    Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Ten Years of Travel

Don’t sit in your hotel room all day doing nothing. Now that I look back on all my travels, my only regret is that I didn’t do enough. You should do things that you have never done before because you may never get a chance again. For example, if you are on a beach, go bungee jumping or scuba diving if you have never done it before. The experiences are surreal, and there is no better time to do it than when you are on vacation.

Challenge yourself to do normal things that you are scared of. I am scared of heights and water, so whenever I travel, I try doing activities that involve one of these things. Hiking and paddle boarding are some of the activities that I take part in.

6.    Wake Up Early To Avoid Crowds

Travel Tips from My Ten Years of Travel

If you have traveled a bit already, you will know that some places can get over-crowded very quickly. Nothing is more annoying than wasting your time because the roads are blocked or the entry of the museum has a long line. You can avoid all of this by waking up early.

One thing that has helped me all these years is by traveling early in the morning. It helps me avoid rush hours. There is no need to deliberately go to the tourist spots at midday because it will be crowded.

7.    Take Lots and Lots of Pictures

Travel Tips from My Ten Years of Travel

After all these years, whenever I feel nostalgic or down, I look at all my traveling pictures. They instantly make me feel better and remind me of the good times.

Take as many pictures as you can. There is a chance that you will only be able to see these places and meet these people once. Remember all your trips and keep them safe with plenty of photos! There are no better souvenirs than good pictures. You don’t have to spend anything, just press a button and that’s it. Your pictures are also easy to share, and you don’t have to make up extra space for them in your luggage.

Don’t spend all your time taking pictures as you must experience the view too. Your pictures are just meant to remind you of these beautiful moments in future.

I hope that these tips will be super useful for your next trip! Happy traveling!

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