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Travel Essentials for the Nursing Mom

Many moms of newborns nurse their babies to give them a head start in life. It’s not only a health benefit but also a chance to bond with your baby. Being a nursing mother and traveling can be a daunting task. Flying or traveling in a car with a baby and a breast pump to think about requires some prior preparation with Travel Essentials and patience as well. Going on a journey will give you a sense of openness and freedom. Ten of the travel essentials that will allow nursing moms to have an even better travel experience.Check out this list of travel essentials.

However, you may be apprehensive of any eventuality in your journey ahead. Most breastfeeding mothers, view it as a challenge due to the unpredictability of a trip. For example, You need to keep taking fluids to have constant breast milk supply to your baby. If you are traveling overseas, you may be worried about laws on public breastfeeding.

Travel Essentials for the Nursing Mom

Travel Essentials for the Nursing Mom

1. Storing Breast Milk Containers

It might be of concern how you will survive a day traveling with a breastfeeding baby. Even though you may be comfortable with breastfeeding at any location, it’s essential to have a system in place for storing and carrying the milk, especially if the travel is long. Storing breast milk requires a lot of care, especially since you will be traveling and the breast milk will be away from the refrigerator.

Poorly stored milk can turn its source, and it will not be suitable for your baby since it can bring some complications. When planning to go for a journey, pump the milk just before you leave the house since milk breast milk should not sit for long. However, if it was in the fridge, make sure it has not been there for more than eight days. Sometimes there may not be a guarantee of finding an appropriate place to nurse your baby.

Therefore, ensure you have enough travel essentials supply a few days before your travel. Shop for milk containers that are portable, sterilized and in a sealable pack. You may also consider putting it in a lunch box that has ice cubes to keep the milk fresh. It will also keep the milk fresh for 24 hours. When you need to feed the baby with the milk, it’s important to thaw the milk by dipping the bottle in some warm water.

Thawing should be slow to prevent loss of fat and essential antibodies necessary for your baby’s development. However, some babies will prefer milk that is cool and other warm milk. Therefore, it’s important to know what your baby prefers. If there is an awful smell, then it means the milk has gone bad, and therefore you should not feed your baby with it.

2. Breast Pump

It is crucial as it ensures that there is no interference with your milk pumping plan or schedule. My Traveling Baby has a variety of ideal breast pumps that are effective and will allow you to spend less time while pumping. You can also pack a manual breast pump if you are not sure of the reliability of the power supply of your destination choice. If it is an electronic pump, ensure you charge the battery before you leave the house. Shop for a pump that is small in size and one that can fit in your bag. While traveling, it’s important to consider if you want to express milk before you leave home or when you are on the go.

While traveling by train, you will find some train carriages have sockets where you can charge your pump though there might not be a private room for nursing mothers. Pumps with rechargeable batteries are ideal as they are easier to travel with and you can quickly charge them wherever you find an empty socket. When flying, it’s travel essentials to contact the airline before alerting them that you will be traveling with a breast pump. Seek to find out if any rules may obstruct your plan. The cabin crew will advise you appropriately if it’s to pump while on board.

Having the correct pump is critical for successful breast milk expression, especially if you are planning to do it for an extended period. If you are staying in a hotel room, contact your host early so that you can secure a place that has a refrigerator or ice box. A pump will also come in handy since you can relieve yourself from breast engorgement and keep up with a constant milk supply when you are on the go. After pumping, store the milk in the storage bottles and label with the date so that you can know which to feed your baby first.

Some mothers may have low milk supply mainly due to health and psychological factors. However, some factors may affect milk supply, for example, inadequate hydration, lack of balanced diet and lack of enough sleep. These can dampen your travel spirit as your baby may be fussy for lack of enough milk.You may also feel exhausted in a journey and need to restore your energy. Having some healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts, will not do any harm.

Breastfeeding moms need water, and you need to keep your body hydrated. A reusable water bottle with a purifier will come in handy to carry some water for you. It will also save you on the cost of purchasing bottled water. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a proper schedule of food and fluid intake. Most importantly, take a good rest and relax. You will enjoy your travel essentials since your baby will not be hungry throughout the journey.

3. Baby Sling

The right essentials will ensure your travel is smooth and worth remembering. Traveling will a baby can be overwhelming, and use of a suitable sling will come in handy. A sling is an important consideration since you will be carrying your baby comfortably and at the same time, your hands will be free. Shop for one that is tight so that it can support the baby well in an upright position.

Look out for a sling that is convenient and light too, so that it doesn’t hurt your shoulders. Some new slings have pockets that can also fit other accessories such as the phone, wipes, diaper, and wallet. While carrying your baby in the carrier, you can easily do an errand. There are many styles of baby slings depending on your preference. There are those that are front facing and baby back. A dynamic sling that you can use in many positions will be ideal while you are traveling. When flying, the slings will make it easy for you to disembark and board an airplane while keeping your hands free.

4. Baby Stroller

Most traveling moms will opt for a baby stroller. It’s quite convenient as it will allow you to venture out with your baby. There are a variety of strollers on the market, and it’s good to select one that is of high quality. A stroller is convenient during travel and also ensure your baby is safe from falls. If you are planning to travel, especially on a plane, it’s important to know the policies of the airline carrier in regards to delivery of strollers on arrival. The best baby stroller for your travel is one that is portable and of light weight.

A compact one will be suitable for air travel as you can easily fold it to a small size such that it appears as a hand suitcase. The advantage is that you can put your baby in the stroller and take a walk on the aisle and alight from the plane as you head to the baggage area. Some strollers have different features, for example, an umbrella to protect your baby from the scorching sun. If you are taking a journey on a car, you can fold the stroller such that it fits in your car.

5. A Suitcase With Rollers

If you are planning for an international journey, you need to look for a bag that has rollers so that it can easily roll along the airports. One that were four wheels the best for travel. Have an exhaustive luggage search before settling for the best. You can window shop to get a glimpse of what the stores have to offer. Shop for one that is of high quality and one that gives you value for your money.

6. Traveling Diaper Bag

The best diaper bag for travel is the one that is versatile and comfortable to carry. A good kit will make a difference, especially when traveling with your baby. It might not be as glamorous as other bags, but will be your best companion for many days and during family trips.

Pack a flexible bag that fits all the essentials. Choose a big lightweight bag with many compartments. Separate the accessories in the bag to avoid confusion while looking for an item. For example, have a separate pocket for the bottle, baby wipes, napkins, diaper cream, changing cloth, burping clothes, bibs, nursing wraps, and polythene bags to put soiled diapers and baby wrappers.

Modern diaper bags have pockets that have insulation for holding milk bottles, unlike standard bags. A functional bag will be suitable for your travel. It should be large enough to fit everything that you need more so if you are going on a long flight or a long road trip. When taking a flight, check with the airline on the appropriate size of the diaper bag and none that will fit under your seat so that you can easily grab it whenever you want to change your baby. It should also be comfortable and have padded straps so as not to bruise your shoulders.

It can be frustrating if the zip of your bag is kind of rigid and you are unable to open. The diaper bag should be easy to open and also close. The inside should be light colored so that you can spot any details or small items.A diaper bag will not only carry your baby items safely but will also be your purse and thus no need of carrying many bags.

7. Spare clothes

You should have extra clothes for you and the baby and some light covers for draping yourself. Scarves are appropriate as they can as well serve as fashion statements.

8. Cooler

Look for smaller cooling equipment that can fit in your bag, for example, an insulated lunch box filled with ice packs. There are affordable coolers out there in the market. They will keep the milk cold and fresh in case you are not sure if you will find an appropriate place to nurse your baby.

9. Washing Essentials

Your baby’s health should always be a top priority. No mother would want a sick baby during a journey. The pump and the bottle need proper cleaning and sanitizing. The cleaning items you choose will entirely depend on your destination and where you will be staying.If you are going excursion for example camping, you need a sponge, a dish soap and a washcloth. If you are staying in a hotel, you can consider some sanitizer.

10. Nipple Cream

Another essential item is a nipple cream, you will feel comfortable and will not have to worry about your nipple cracking as it may be painful for you and may dampen your traveling mood.

In case you are traveling out of the country, there may be some restrictions depending on the country you wish to visit. Some states are quite conservative. Before boarding the next plane, it’s necessary to research first about each country you may wish to travel to and their culture. Some destinations provide nursing rooms for mothers and babies. The internet might not give you the exact information you are looking for, instead study specific nursing laws of the country you intend to visit. Therefore, your next trip will be fun by planning, preparing early and having the above essentials with you.

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