Travel Card – Mom’s Favorite Card And What Makes it Standout

The latest Amex credit card offers encompass a wide range of cutting edge travel card concepts with special benefits in order to suit the lifestyle needs of today’s moms. Air travel, shopping and financial rewards along with 24 hour per day, 7 days per week customer service help busy parents maintain equilibrium. MileCards.com provides a smorgasbord of rewards card offers for busy moms to choose from. For those balancing parenting and professional demands, the best customer service makes all the difference. Great customer service is just one of the benefits included with the most prestigious Amex credit card offers.

Travel Card

Travel Card – Mom’s Favorite Card

Blue Cash Everyday Card
Cash back credit cards that can be used for grocery store purchases are a mother’s best friend. The Blue Cash Everyday card earns 3 percent cash back for purchases at stand-alone grocery stores, 2 percent at U.S. department stores and gas stations, and 1 percent on all other eligible purchases. For these awesome rebates, there is no minimum spending requirement.

Blue Cash Preferred
Most moms don’t need a minimum when it comes to buying groceries at their favorite supermarket. The Blue Cash Preferred pays 150 Reward dollars for $1,000 spent within the first 3 months. That translates into $333.34 per month. What mom doesn’t spend that much on food per month? After the first $1,000, 6 percent cash back is paid on the first $6,000. This is several times over what competing credit cards will offer. The cash back that is earned is in the form of Rewards Dollars that are redeemable as statement credit. Cash back Blue Cash Preferred saves some serious money along with the unbeatable American Express customer service.

True Earnings Card from Costco and American Express
Costco and American Express help Costco shopper moms with the True Earnings card by paying 3 percent cash back on the first $4,000 spent in a year at Costco. Buy gas at any U.S. stand-alone gas station, or buy Costco gas and get the 3 percent reward. Costco members don’t even have to pay an annual fee. True Earnings include access to the latest entertainment events which includes concerts, sporting events and family shows. Discounts and early access are available to card members before they go on sale to the general public.

Car rental loss and damage insurance on rented cars is included when the True Earnings Card is used for car rental. No more extremely expensive insurance paid to rental agencies because car rental loss and damage insurance on rented cars is included when the True Earnings Card is used for car rental.

In February of each year, the cash back rewards arrive by mail in the form of a coupon which can be redeemed at any Costco Warehouse for merchandise or cash. This is the must-have card for all moms who live in the vicinity of a Costco.

The Amex EveryDay℠ Credit Card
Designed for frequent spenders, this versatile card earns benefits for everything and earns them quickly. 1,000 dollars or more in purchases in the first 3 months gets 10,000 bonus points. U.S. supermarket shopping is included. When 20 or more separate purchases are made during a billing period, an additional 20 percent is earned on points. This is a great card for both travel and balance transfers and a great beginning for lifelong American Express card members.

American Express Platinum
Many discerning frequent flier moms prefer a card that is associated with a certain amount of prestige. The American Express Platinum allows access to comfortable airport lounges worldwide, savings on companion tickets on qualifying international or business class, and concierge service because who needs help making reservations and arranging events more than a mom? 40,000 membership rewards points can be earned after using this card for $3,000 worth of spending in the first 3 months. The rough edges of traveling with youngsters are smoothed by the Airport Club Access and Priority Pass Select. Upscale washrooms, internet, plush sofas and complimentary food and drink make it more fun and easier to travel with family members. Flexibility is a huge plus that is standard offering with the American Express Platinum complimentary benefits at fine hotels and restaurants which allow late check-out. Traveling moms understand the security of roadside assistance and car rental loss and damage insurance.

The Business Platinum Card
The Business Platinum Card understands that business expenses must be separate from a mother’s expenditures. This card will take care of everything the other American Express Card cannot, such as no preset spending limit on all business purchasing needs and extended warranties on purchases that will double the original warranty period up to one additional year.

With the Business Platinum Card, a member can apply for Global Entry which is a U.S. Government program that allows expedited clearance for approved travelers.

Today’s Amex credit card offers are designed for qualified credit consumers, and deliver the highest value rewards and services to those who appreciate the finest credit card products.

Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card

What makes the Marriott Business Bonvoy credit card from American Express a great option for travel mamas is that it allows you to collect points, not only while shopping but also during your vacation. While using it during your daily life, you will accumulate up to 2x the points but, using it for restaurants and gas stations in the US has more benefits because your points are 4x.

But the best part is that while staying at any of the Marriot Bonvoy hotels you get even more points. So you can make up to 6x points while on vacation, making your next one much closer and easier to achieve.

Last Updated on September 9, 2021

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