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5 Reasons to Travel By Train in the US

Chances are that whenever you think of transportation for traveling, booking a flight is the first thing that comes to mind. But there are other ways you can get to your destination.Five of the many advantages that travel by train in the US offers.Take a look at this article to learn about travel by train in the US.

My favorite right now is train travel. Mainly because it is not as demanding for us adults as taking a long road trip. Plus you don’t have to stop for gas or deal with traffic. At the same time it isn’t as expensive as buying a plane ticket.

But there are more advantages that can make traveling by train in the US a lot of fun.

Travel By Train

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Train in the US at Least Once

1. Extra Comfort – You will definitely have more space for stretching your legs on a train than on a car and most planes. Plus, in some of them you get the option of choosing a private cabin. Some of the trains that go through longer routes have seats that can recline into a fully horizontal position.

2. More Baggage Space – If you have traveled in the past couple of years you know about the high prices that most airlines charge for luggage, some even started charging for carry-ons. Taking baggage on trains is a lot cheaper which is amazing, especially for people like me who travel with kids and even a pet.

3. The Views – While going on a road trip you go through amazing places with stunning views however, if you are the one driving you won’t be able to pay much attention. And if you are on a plane you won’t be able to look at anything. However if you decide to take something like the train connecting Nasville and Chicago you can enjoy 14 hours of looking out the window to all of the local beauties while sitting comfortably in your seat.

4. Amenities – Most trains have a full-service dining car where you find a wide variety of meals, WiFi and more spacious bathrooms. If you are traveling in first class all meals are included and typically have access to a shower and towels on longer routes.

5. More Environmentally Friendly – A bus doesn’t use as much fuel as a plane and you don’t use the fuel that a car would. Traveling through mass transportation that works on electricity can make a positive difference for the environment. If you are interested in making the least negative impact on the environment as you travel this might be your perfect choice.

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