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Travel Blogging from Home – Digital Nomad Lifestyle Tips

Travel blogging from home offers one the freedom to travel the world and relive the adventures of your life and capture the beautiful memories in your Facebook or Instagram feeds. It sure feels exciting to share your escapades with your friend and lay them out for the world to see. However, travel blogging isn’t as easy as it looks as there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. Just about anyone can become a blogger and write on any subject, they are interested in. However, the tougher part is standing out from the crowd from thousands of personal travel blogs out there.Seven things that you should be mindful of when you decide to start travel blog an become a nomad.This is a list of travel blogging from home.

Travel Blogging from Home - Digital Nomad Lifestyle Tips


Travelers into digital marketing and who are busy traveling around the world and updating their travel blogs are being summed up as Digital Nomads. There is no typical 9-5 job or working hours for them. Digital nomads love to travel and create the lifestyle they desired. They work online and travel at the same time, as they arrive on the other side of the planet. Many may envy their lifestyle may, but there is a lot of sweat and hard work at the same time behind all that adventure and passion. The best part is you can work and travel at the same time, and this really sounds like a dream job!! If you are looking forward to creating a nomadic lifestyle, and are planning to lead a life filled with travel, discovery as well as working with dedication, well, this is just the right page for you.

7 Helpful Tips on the Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Travel Blogging from Home

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Tips

Get ready for an exciting but tough life
Keep in mind that as a digital nomad, you are always on the go. So, keep your body and mind ready and fit for creating this type of lifestyle. Well, it is not going to be necessarily difficult than anything else, but life is certainly going to be unique and different from others. As you are your own boss here, self-motivation plays an important part. You would need to not only work here but be creative and innovative as well. You have to balance out your career and freedom and build your life around it.

Adapt to the new lifestyle
Now that you work for yourself, and whenever you want, it is essential to understand your new lifestyle and change accordingly. The idea is to stay productive and engaged when living nomadically and do not let anything hamper your work or spoil your mood. Decide how you’ll approach your working lifestyle, keep in mind that it is essential to keep your spirits up and work consistently. You need to devote your time to marketing as well as remain connected to your clients.

A comfortable workspace and the right posture
Blogging on travel and while on the move would mean having your lap top ready all the time. That means you need to have a comfortable workspace around you. You can’t expect to work in the raw sunshine, or in bitingly cold weather. The solution lies in creating a comfortable workspace around you and develop the right posture, even if you are working from your bed. It is a good idea to invest in a good adjustable desk for your home office. You can always check out these adjustable desks from Jason L and pick from endless options available. As a digital nomad, you might be working in a coffee shop on the way or while waiting at the airport or in your hotel room. Just inspect the working space and put yourself in an environment that inspires you.

Networking should Never Stop
Well, you can’t survive as a blogger if you don’t have a reliable and stable connectivity around you. Networking should top your list if planning to work as a travel blogger. After all, there could be deadlines nearing or multiple emails to send, and clients to please or make a significant update. You need to remain connected with your other freelancers and potential customers as well as your social media channels. Travel blogging is all about being alive, on the move and make things fresh. Look for a secure networking around you.

Do not ignore the time zone differences
As a digital nomad, your client should be aware where you are and the time zone difference. This is to avoid creating any inconveniences and keep away from those plenty of headaches. You might end up facing loads of missed calls and no answers if calling at the wrong time. Just because you’re living this particular lifestyle, do not expect others to adjust to you. However, you can always keep in touch with your clients via Slack, Skype, and the usual email.

Make new connections as you travel
Working remotely need not make you isolated socially. Traveling offers you the unique opportunity to meet many new people and develop more connections. Take advantage of the hundreds of businesses in every new location you come across, and you could mention them in your blog as an update. You can work just about anywhere and at any time and in a great social environment.

Expand your income sources
It is not easy to make money, and it certainly is more challenging making a successful life working as a digital nomad. Keep your work diverse and varied as a digital nomad. Always have a couple of projects by your side. It is a good idea to affiliate links and displays a few ads on your travel blog as an essential support for your regular income. You can also make money via social media channels, or the sponsored Instagram posts. If you have a good following on your social media accounts, this is good news.

Just go through the above basic toolkit to living your life as a digital nomad. One thing is for sure; life is certainly going to be fun and exciting. As for the challenges, well they only add to the motivation and inspiration to keep going on with full steam. This is a great life for all those adventurous souls who travel nonstop and want to make a living as they travel and stay connected with their friends, family and the world.

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