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What Travel Agencies Should Know About Customer Service

by Alex Schnee

When you are trying to create quality relationships with your customers as a travel agent, you might need to keep some considerations in mind that other industries don’t. Because you are providing such an individualized experience for each of your clients, you’re going to want to put in the extra effort and time into creating customer service that they won’t forget.

Here are some things that travel agencies should specifically keep in mind when they are working with their clientele.

4 Things Travel Agencies Should Know About Customer Service

4 Things Travel Agencies Should Know About Customer Service

The booking process takes time

Unlike other industries where you simply make sure that a product is shipped correctly and it arrives on time, you are creating an experience for your customers and it requires more time, customization, and effort to put together. This means you will be in contact with your customers more than other industries might be, and your customer service should be kind and helpful. As much as you can, you should try to develop trust between your customers.

You need to prepare your customers

Before they head off on their big adventure, you might want to think about how you are going to craft their experience before they have even left their home country. You can do this in a number of ways, but one of the best is through a CRM for travel agencies, which allows you to craft the entire experience of you working together. Include information on where they will be staying, what information they need to know about the country’s customers, and a list of activities they should expect on their trip. This can help you to form a bond so when they head off on their trip, they are excited.

They need to feel safe

While your customers are traveling, they should feel safe and sound with their tour guide, where they are staying, and more. This is why you want to make sure that you vet the places they are staying and that you have been in touch with the tour guide ahead of time so you can mention any conditions that your clients might have. Make sure to include information like allergies, dietary restrictions, any health problems, and more. This way you know that they will be well-taken care of when they are on the ground.

Feedback is necessary

Once your customers have finished their trip, make sure they fill out some information on their experience as soon as they can. This might mean asking them to fill out a survey on the last day of their trip or once they have returned home so you can get an idea of areas where you might need to improve. Your customers’ feedback is going to be invaluable to you when you want them to book again or share your information with others.

In summary

Customer service might be the most important part of having a travel agency, and your clients will appreciate the amount of time and effort you’ve put into making sure that their experiences are worthwhile.

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