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Steps for Making a Travel Bucket List

There is so much to see in this world, yet, so little time. If you’re thinking there is still so much time to start seeing the world, you could be wrong. If you have a burning desire for traveling and adventures, start planning now. Nine things that you should do while creating the perfect travel bucket list. Take a look at this blog post to learn about travel advice.

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travel advice - bucket list

We all make bucket lists for things we want to do in life. Some of us want to try something new, some of us want to work in the top PR companies in the city of Toronto, and some of us want to travel the world.

A list of how you should finally make that bucket list:

1. Map Out Your Bucket List

If you don’t already own a map, buy one! Hang the map on your wall and start making some of the places you have been to. Use pins to mark the places, or just scratch them off. This will help you identify the countries you haven’t been to.

2. Forget New Year’s Resolution, Write Down the Travel Experience You Want to Have

Every new year presents a chance to have fresh resolutions, try something different this time. Instead of the usual resolutions list, come up with a list of experiences you want to have that particular year. With the same commitment, you put to meet your resolutions, exert the same force to your travel list.

3. Plan Rewards

Plan some of the rewards you would have if you check off an experience from your list. Rewards will make it more fun, and that will also make you more focused on achieving some of the things on the list.

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travel advice - bucket list

4. Get a Glass Jar Fund

Start working towards making your list a reality by saving for the travels. Get a glass jar, put in money every week, or month. Put the jar in clear view to serve as a reminder of why you’re putting money on it. As the jar adds up, so does the motivation.

5. Look for Travel Inspiration

Read as many travel books as you can, follow travel pages on social media platforms. Other’s people’s experiences tend to stir up some of our own travel desires. Books and travel social media pages will also give you ideas on what you should do when you get to your travel destination.

6. Get an Accountability Partner

It could be either your friend, sibling, or even parents, whomever you prefer to make sure you loop them in on your plan. Give them a copy of your bucket list. They will help you be accountable. Look for someone who will effortlessly push you to achieve your travel goals (I have an amazing blog post about travel goals for this year, read it here). You could have them be your travel buddy, once you start to check off your bucket list.

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7. Start Local

You don’t have to start big; you can always start by visiting some of the local sites you have in your country. Most people have no idea what monuments, sites, wild reserves, or museums they have in their own country. Let local tourism nurture your travel inspiration; you will be surprised by some of the incredible places you will experience in your country.

8. Start Checking Off Several Bucket List Items

Start by selecting a destination that will offer multiple items on the bucket list. This is an excellent way to stretch your dollar and trip. For example, if you’re looking to visit as many national parks as possible, try heading to Utah or Africa where you can check off the Mighty five in a single trip.

9. Consider Alternatives

Think about visiting an alternative place if you can’t take the time or budget work for a specified destination you may have had in mind. Look for places that have the same setting you were looking for, traveling within your budget and available time.

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