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Travel Advice for First Time Parents

Your first trip as new parents can be thrilling but also incredibly stressful. So whether you’re traveling a couple of states away so that you can see family, or you’re going out of the country for a vacation: it’s a good idea to plan and know what to expect.

These are the most important things to keep in mind while traveling as first-time parents!

You Don’t Need Everything: Pack Light.

At home, it might feel like you’re chained to your belongings.  From bottle cleaners to playpens and cribs, a lot goes into ensuring a child is comfortable and happy in their daily life.  You don’t need all of it while you travel.  Try not to overpack, as it’s hard to travel and get around when you have a bunch of bags: not to mention the cost of the luggage is skyrocketing higher every year.  Pack as light as you can get away with.

Plan Thoroughly, But Be Flexible

Try to plot out as much of your trip as possible before you take the plunge.  This means figuring out lodging, looking into where you’ll be each day, and keeping track of which activities you’ll want to do and when.  Being thorough means that you won’t have to make these decisions while you’re already worn out and busy while traveling.

It’s important to be flexible with these plans, though.  Not everything works out perfectly, and a calm weekend set to look at Memphis houses for sale may be instead spent learning how to get through a hail storm while in a beautiful hotel. So be flexible; it’s okay if plans change over time.

Pack An Extra Suitcase or Bag

When traveling with kids, even newborns, you’re inevitably going to find something you desperately want for the kid: but you don’t have the luggage space for.  To avoid this issue, pack your inner suitcase that comes with your luggage set.  If you don’t have one, pack a fabric duffle bag that can take up as little space as possible in your luggage.  This will give you the option to take an extra suitcase back, without making you carry an empty bag on arrival.

Take Multiple Breaks, Ensure You Eat and Drink Enough

It’s important for everyone involved to take as many breaks as necessary and give yourself the time you need to recover and take care of yourself while you travel.  If your entire trip is back-to-back activities and rushing and planning, you’re going to get worn out.  This could ruin the trip, as moods sour and people take their stress out on one another.

These breaks are excellent times to stop and have a snack and drink some water.  Take care of your body as much as you take care of your mental health while you travel.  If your child is old enough to speak, ask them to help you pick out what travel snacks you pack for them since this can help them feel like they’re a part of the planning process and give them the chance to better understand what’s happening.

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