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Travel Advice – Can You Afford Your Dream Vacation?

74% of Americans have gone into debt to pay for a vacation, to the tune of an average of more than $1000. People love to travel, but simply don’t have the savings to pay for it. If you are wondering how you can fund your dream vacation, then read the advice below. Avoiding financial problems will allow you to travel guilt-free. Firstly, get your finances in order, then figure out a plan to pay for that once in a lifetime adventure.How to manage to afford your dream vacation without going broke.In this article you will learn afford your dream vacation.

Afford Your Dream Vacation

How are your personal finances?

Although you can travel on a budget, most trips abroad will cost more than staying at home. If you are in debt, then it’s not a good idea to spend money on anything that isn’t completely necessary. recommends taking out one new loan to pay off any outstanding debts, leaving you with just one easy debt repayment plan. This can help you to get your finances in order, freeing you up for travel.

Can you delay your trip?

Once you have a dream vacation in mind, you’ll probably want to pack your bags and leave immediately. If you can’t afford it, however, that’s not a great idea. Instead, consider delaying your trip for 12 months and allow yourself the time to save up. There is nothing like a clear travel dream to motivate better saving habits. You may just need extra time to raise the funds. In the meantime, consider looking closer to home for shorter, local trips that won’t eat into your vacation funds.

Shorten your trip

After transportation, your accommodation is your highest cost when booking a vacation abroad, setting you back $683 for an average 12- night stay. If this is too much, then consider shortening your trip. Going for one week rather than two will halve what you spend on hotels, while still allowing you to visit the same place. Just be willing to wake up early in order to fit everything in.

Paying for vacations is high on the list of worries for many travelers, but it doesn’t have to cause problems. Check your total level of debt and consider taking out a new loan in order to get it all paid off quickly. Delaying your trip can provide breathing space to raise the funds while knocking a few days off your stay can save hundreds in hotel bills, so that you can live your travel dreams.

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