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Travel Accessories For Kids – Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Kids travel toys, playful bottles and other kid things are probably at the top of my list when packing our carry-ons. What will be fun enough to keep the boys busy while we are waiting for the plane to take off? And, one of my other concerns, how to keep them hydrated since kids never get the amount of fluids they need?

I’ve been a huge fan of Magellan Travel Company for decades. When I look back at all my major travels, I have had a Magellan product with me at all times. However, I never realized they have kids toys and accessories as well. So I immediately hopped on that band wagon!

Magellan’s is a company dedicated to provide all sorts of travel accessories to make traveling a lot more pleasant. Including kids. They have a few toys to choose from, but I found Tegu Original Pocket Pouch, magnetic wood blocks, which was just the right fit for my kids. Plus the small carry pouch helped keep the mess contained and easy to pack up.

Travel Accessories

And check out these cute water bottles. Stephen Joseph Little Squirts, collapsible water bottles. We got my baby the alligator. And now that we are back from our trip, he takes it to school with him everyday. And honestly, before that he never drank water at his nursery. Now it comes home empty. Hopefully he’s not spraying his little buddies with it.


Really Cool Fact

Bet you didn’t know, but a portion of each sale goes to replanting trees around the world.  Also, each Stephen Joseph kid’s travel bag or accessory aids the No Kid Hungry Project by donating $1 of each sale.

Contact and Information for Magellan’s

The main website for Magellan is your best bet to find all their cool products, great deals and tons more. Sure you can find it on amazon, or even in stores. But I prefer the site.

And discover many more travel accessories for children and adults by liking their Facebook or following them on Twitter

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2 thoughts on “Travel Accessories For Kids – Don’t Leave Home Without Them

  1. These look like really useful products. I love how they help out the environment by planting trees. That’s my kind of company. Thanks for sharing.

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