How to Get Around In Cuba – Guide To Havana Cuba Transportation

This must be one of the best parts of traveling to Cuba. At least it was for my family. For a country that still resembles what it once was in the 1950’s, only a lot more abandoned, you will be amazed at the number of ways you can get around Havana.

Once you take a look at the list below you will want to try all of them. And I highly recommend you do!

Cubans are super creative in how they get around and how they earn money.

Types of Transport in Cuba – Havana:

1. The Classic Car

These are mainly a sort of collective taxi. They will fit around 6 passengers very comfortably and have routes all over the city going all the way past the tunnel to Miramar and Flores.

classic cars in cuba

I can’t stress enough for you to DO THIS RIDE. It’s so great. First of all, it’s dirt cheap – less than one dollar, especially if you have the local currency (Cuban Peso) on you. They are remarkably comfortable. Plain and simple – they are fun!

2. Taxi in Cuba: Coco Taxi

These are the little yellow cab-like cars that resemble tuk-tuks or rickshaws. They can fit up to three people, so if you have more in your party, get two. They take you all over the city and its outskirts and are still around half the price of a private cab, and the drivers can give you a brief tour if you want as well.

Plus, they look super cute!

taxi in cuba

3. Bike taxis

These are very similar to the Coco Taxi only their reach is much more limited. But if you have to go a short distance and are tired, definitely a great way to go.

This is another experience that I would advise you not to miss out on, just to have the experience.

bike taxi in cuba

4. Private cabs

These guys are all over the place. They are modern-looking cars and don’t come cheap! But if you prefer something more comfortable and average to what you are used to, they are a great option.

city tour - our taxi - havana cuba

5. Buses

These are also available all over the place, but they are a bit slow. So, if you’re willing to spend A LONG TIME waiting. This can be a great local experience.

6. Horse Carriage

Not really a mode of transport, but you can give your kids a little break and take a ride of an area that is walkable. A great place for this would be Havana Vieja where you can literally get lost for hours, so an hour horse carriage can give you a good orientation of what you really want to see.

horse carriages havana vieja cuba

Havana is a huge city. So during your stay, it might be fun to experience all of the above!

Each has something different to offer and will allow you to feel like you had the complete Havan experience. Now that I’ve done all of them, I must say that I would only do the collective classic cars if I ever go back to Cuba.

havana central park - streets- cuba

Which one of these options for transportation in Cuba would you try first?


Last Updated on June 21, 2024

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