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Towns Worth Visiting in the Central Highlands, Guatemala

The central highlands of Guatemala are famous for being home to Semuc Champey and the Lanquin Caves. But there are some other towns in the area with cheap hotels that might be appealing to some travelers that want to explore more than the popular destinations. Here is a list of them:

Facts About Chichicastenango Guatemala for Travelers

Towns to Visit in the Central Highlands, Guatemala


Chisec is a small town that lies along the highway that connects Petén and Cobán. Some development agencies have been encouraging sustainable tourism projects that have caused a fast growth of the town. to ensure locals benefit from the exploitation of the area’s substantial natural and cultural attractions. Local guides can take you to several area attractions, including the Lagunas de Sepalau and Cuevas de B’onb’il Pek.


To the west along a wonderfully scenic road you will find Rabinal. This is a small town filled with history. It was founded in 1537 by Fray Bartolomé de las Casas. In here you will find very high quality pottery and citrus products. This town is filled with pre-Columbian traditions, dance, and folklore especially during the annual fiesta (January 19–25).

Sebol & Fray Bartolomé de las Casas

It is a small village in the norther area of the Alta Verapaz Department, set on the banks of the Río La Pasión with waterfalls flowing into it. It might make an attractive stopover someday, though there is no infrastructure to accommodate visitors of yet. But if you continue east to Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, you will find a few basic accommodations.


This is another great option for a place to stay in you want to visit the Candelaria Caves National Park and the nearby ruins of Cancuén. You will find it a few kilometers east of the “Cruce del Pato” Junction. You will find some basic accommodations and minibuses that offer transport to Coban & Sayaxché.


Salamá is mostly a ladino town and the best time to visit it is during their annual fiesta (Sept. 17–21). The things that are worth looking at are the old crumbling pedestrian bridge on the edge of town and the San Mateo Apóstol Church.


This town is located 32 kilometers north of Cobán, here is where you will find the so-called Pozo Vivo (Living Well), named as such because its muddy waters supposedly bubble up when there are people nearby. Another attraction is the Chi-ixim church, which overlooks the town from a high hill reached by a steep staircase.

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