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Why Do Tourists get Injured in New York?

For most, a visit to NYC is the trip of a lifetime. There’s so much to see and do, even the most strategically and carefully planned trip wouldn’t create enough time to see and do it all in one visit.Things to avoid if you are trying to avoid getting Injured in New York.Take a look at this list about how to avoid injuries in NYC.

One thing that all visitors cannot plan for, however, is the possibility of getting injured. Although NYC is known as the city of dreams, it doesn’t take much for a tourist to experience a complete nightmare. From trips, slips and falls, to assaults, broken bones, car and bus accidents, food poisoning and other injuries caused by the negligible actions of someone else. The last thing any tourist wants is to spend their trip in a local emergency room.

Injured in New York

So, why do tourists get themselves injured in NYC? Here we’ll look at the most common scenarios.

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Accidents on the sidewalk

The sidewalks of NYC are rammed with locals and visitors alike rushing to get from A to B. As an unwritten rule, pedestrians walk on the right side of the sidewalk, and if you want to walk at a slower pace or check your phone then you’ll need to stick to the edge. With everything that’s going on it’s not always easy to spot potholes, uneven paving and even flights of steps that head underground. A nasty fall on the sidewalk can leave victims with severe injuries!

Restaurants and bars

There’s nothing more indulgent and exciting than the New York food scene. With so many bars and restaurants to experience it’s difficult to know where to start. Sadly, despite which restaurant you choose, visitors are still at risk of accidents whilst dining. Slipping on wet floors, tripping in dining areas with low lighting, even burns, cuts and lacerations.

Hotel accidents

Your hotel can make or break your New York trip. After spending all day on your feet, walking thousands of steps, it’s nice to relax in a clean, safe and comfortable hotel room. Sadly, hotel accidents are common amongst tourists, from slipping in the foyer to tripping over luggage. Torn carpet causing trips and falls, even falling down the stairs due to broken handrails.

Car accidents

The roads in NYC are rammed with cars, buses and cyclists make crossing the road safely incredibly dangerous. Being hit by a car can leave the victim with catastrophic injuries. Accidents in cabs and cars are also common. If you’ve hired a cab or an Uber, then getting involved in a crash isn’t unheard of.


If you’re planning a trip to NYC, always be vigilant and make your safety a top priority.

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