Tourism Degree Programs for International Students

Some parents have a cherished dream – to send their child to study abroad. Tourism Degree Programs for International Students, advantages, disadvantages and learn all you need to know about how to do it.

Education abroad: advantages and disadvantages 

Nowadays this topic is particularly relevant. Every year the number of people are willing to go to study away from their native places of growing. And if we take into account the fact that the discussion will continue on the students of the tourism department, then immediately everything falls into place. Work in this industry involves frequent trips abroad, which, as a rule, are well paid. This theme is one of the central in salvation Langston hughes summary. Also, you can do assignments for money about education abroad or another topic. 

Tourism Degree Programs

So what are the advantages of studying abroad? 

  • Status and prestige

A graduate who has a diploma from a foreign university claiming a solid vacancy to a well-known company with a worldwide reputation is in most cases more likely than a graduate who does not have such a diploma to get this position. 

  • As a student of a foreign university, you will have good chances to complete an internship at a world-renowned organization and stay in it, with good results.
  • Study abroad is knowledge of foreign languages at a decent level, which is maximized by immersion in the language environment and international environment;
  • Perception of English as a native opens up the broadest prospects for employment and business;
  • Completed education abroad is a degree or diploma that does not require confirmation in Europe or in the US;
  • Admission abroad is the opportunity for the applicant to become an adult and independent quickly;
  • Such training gives freedom of scientific activity
  • Study abroad provides an opportunity to receive a unique specialty and to undergo an innovative training program.

Among the minuses can be found such: 

  • Financial issue

Most often, moving to another country accompanies with a significant difference in the cost of living, products, goods and services, not to mention the prices for studying in foreign universities. Add here the rent fee (not all institutions provide students with a hostel) and the cost of moving. 

  • The language barrier

If you want to study abroad, but the knowledge of a foreign language is lame, it is best to pull it up. Otherwise, you may face a lack of understanding of the educational process, which will quickly lead to chronic under performance. 

  • Difficulties with adaptation

Living in another country is an unexpected adventure, but do not forget about the process of adaptation to a new place of residence and a new education system. This process can last from several weeks to several months, so psychologists do not recommend conservatives to get an education abroad. 

Tourism Education 

The professional tourism area includes many specialties that are interesting and in demand all over the world. 

Depending on the specialization received, a student studying tourism may receive one of the following professions: 

  • Managing hotel or hotel
  • Restaurant manager
  • Travel Manager
  • Tourism Advertising Specialist
  • A worker of recreation and entertainment centers
  • Waiter
  • Specialist in the field of sports and extreme sports
  • Event Manager

Top 5 tourism degree programs 

A career in the tourism or restaurant business provides an opportunity to communicate with people and actively show their creative potential. It is enough to get special education and successfully complete work practice. 

  1. Thousands of international students prefer a degree in tourism in the United States. One of the main reasons is that in the USA there are a huge number of hotel schools that have proven to be the best in their field. These include the University of Denver, the University of Central Florida and the University of Oklahoma, etc. So, the school of hotel administration at Cornell University is one of the most popular hotel schools in the country and in the world.
  2. In Spain, there are 28 educational institutions that train students for the tourism industry. Spain ranks second in the world in this sphere.
  3. The University of Madrid has the highest level professionals in its staff, and it is one of the best educational institutions in the field of tourism. In general, the analysis of this field is concluded in aspects that create the structure of tourism, such as: economic, political, social, technological and special. Here it is studied the nature of various tourist enterprises, forms of development, international relations with other institutions of this type. 
  4. The Australian University of Queensland works in partnership with Griffith University and helps local and foreign students gain access to higher education. The today’s University of Queensland is a member of the Group of Eight, a prestigious association of Australia’s leading research universities and one of the top 100 universities in the world. The university issues degrees in commerce and business with a specialization in international tourism and hotel management, as well as diplomas in hotel management. Training courses last from 2 trimesters to 2 years.

Another popular variant for foreign students who want to get an education in the field of tourism, but who do not have the opportunity to pay for tuition, is certification programs. Although these programs do not give an actual degree, the person who finishes the courses receives a certificate of their attendance

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