A Quick Photo Tour of Utila Honduras

Utila is the smallest island of the three Bay Islands of Honduras and is known to be the second-best place in the world to get your divers certificate. Best as in the price is really low, and the reef is truly amazing.

Here are photos to capture the feel of this tiny island.

utila diving specialist bay islands honduras

Boats are the way of life on this island. Everything is water bound.

boat transportation way to get around luxury resort on utila honduras bay islands

The Sunsets are truly precious, especially if you can head up the tiny hill to get a better view of it.

arial view of honduras sunset

There aren’t any real beaches in Utila, since mainly everything is diving. But there is a tiny beach to play on.

public beach on utila honduras

Sailing community – being the Caribbean, it’s hard to keep the sailboats away.

caribbean sea with sailboats

Local Honduras food – yum. Fresh, cheap and filling

food vendor on utila honduras

This is pretty much downtown Utila.

main street - utila honduras

And this is the main road of the island.

main street of utila honduras diving specialist

Even though the island is tiny, they do offer tuk tuk services, we chose to walk everywhere.

tuk tuk taxi on utila honduras

There is a tiny airport, so if you’re not into the ferries to get you here, there are options for flights.

airport of utila honduras

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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