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Top Travel Tips That You Need to Remember When Traveling in 2020

It is that time of the year when most people are all set to embark on their annual retreat. Either they are already bracing to leave the freezing norths for more tropical locations, or are already planning their vacays for the upcoming spring and summer season. Both way, the official travel season is here and it is important to travel smartly so that you are in line with the evolving travel trends and conditions of the era. Here are a few key tips that you should remember when traveling in 2020. Five my top travel tips that you should always remember before traveling this year.This is a list of best travel advice.

top travel tips

5 Top Travel Tips

The Luggage

The face that you will be traveling with a piece of luggage is a no brainier. However, many people still do not understand the importance of picking the right luggage, especially when they are new to the travel game. Your luggage type is crucial because this item alone is responsible for carrying and protecting all your other essentials while you are on the go. The biggest blunder you can make is to compromise on the quality of your luggage to ease off the pressure on your pockets. Make sure, whatever you buy is durable, water-resistant, spacious and easy to carry with good security features.


The second most important item on your trip has to be your backpack. You might wonder, why you need one if you already have your luggage. However, there will be a lot of excursions where you will not be able to take your luggage along. For example, it is easier to carry your backpack when going for a trek but luggage is impractical. If your entire travel plan spans over a very short duration, and if you are not traveling with kids, you can consider eliminating your luggage and travel with a good backpack only.

Pack Light

Traveling is all about getting the maximum benefit from your trip while also not going overboard with your expenses on useless areas. Usually, air travel has weight and luggage restrictions. Taking your entire wardrobe along would mean you might end up paying extra for luggage costs. You can save up a major chunk of travel costs by relying on a piece of single cabin-sized baggage and traveling via a no-frills airline. Besides the finances, it is exhausting to drag your luggage everywhere while moving around. Traveling light will make your mind at ease.

Carry Your Toiletries

Not everyone gets to stay in hotels and resorts with complimentary toiletries when they travel. Even if you are expecting your accommodation to provide you with necessary toiletries, you cannot always rely on them. Typically, your accommodation will provide you with a standard dental kit and basic toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body lotion. These are standard supplies for all hotel guests, which means they may or may not suit your skin and hair. If your hair and skin are sensitive to what products you use, it is highly recommended that you travel with your toiletries.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Traveling and shopping go hand in hand.  Whether it is going to be an entire haul or just a few souvenirs from the local street market, you cannot eliminate shopping from your travel plans. The tourism industry has been blamed largely for increasing the carbon footprint and damaging nature because of the excessive use of plastic. Be more responsible when you travel and pack a few reusable shopping bags in your luggage. Then take negligible space when empty and will also save you money every time you will go shopping and need a bag.

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