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Top Travel Apps: Handy Smartphone Helpers for Frequent Travelers

If you’ve traveled extensively before, you know that as fun as the adventures can be, there can also be a lot of headaches. Navigating your way through unfamiliar places and finding the right accommodations can be a real burden sometimes.Three travel apps that will make your travels a lot easier.In this blog post you will find a short list of top travel apps.

But you shouldn’t let the difficulties of traveling get the best of you. There are plenty of smartphone apps out there that can help you with many aspects of your travels. Chances are, you always have your phone near you anyway, so why not use it to your advantage? Here are a few apps that may be able to help make your travels a little easier, so you can enjoy your adventure no matter where you are.

Top Travel Apps

My 3 Top Travel Apps

Getting around in areas you’ve never been to before is a big part of traveling and this navigation app can make getting to and from your destinations much easier.

Waze is a community-based navigation app that users upload real-time traffic information on, so you always know that the information you get is up-to-date. Not only can you use it for directions to where you are going, it will adjust on the fly so you will always be on the fastest route. The app lets you know about traffic accidents, construction zones, police roadblocks other delay-causing problems.

The app gives you turn-by-turn voice directions and has a nice map. You can use it for directions or you can help contribute by reporting incidents you see along your route (but update only when it’s safe to do so!). You can even use the app to find the cheapest gas in your area, so if you’re on a tight budget, Waze can help you save money.

Automatic Call recorder for Me
Sometimes when you’ve been traveling for an extended time, you just want to hear the voice of someone you love. This call recording app can let you hear those voices over and over again if you’re feeling homesick.

Automatic Call recorder for Me allows you to record calls that come to your smartphone for future reference. You can set it to automatically record any of your contacts so once you set it, you can just let the app work. Later, you can recall your recordings and listen to them as many times as you’d like.

TunnelBear VPN
Using a Virtual Private Network is a good idea if you find yourself connecting to public WiFi to save on data. This VPN app makes it easy to have the added security that a private network provides.

It allows you to find any websites you want from anywhere in the world and keeps your information private from online trackers. It is very easy to set up on any Android device and will let you use the internet with confidence and peace of mind. If you travel to other countries frequently, this may be a must have app.

Let your smartphone make all of your travels a little easier so you can have fun.

David Lane is a digital nomad and generally loves the excitement of moving to the next place, but delays can get too much. He turns to his smartphone in these times whether he catches up with work or reads an ebook.

And remember for cars, it’s always good to have a socket organizer for safe travels.

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