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Top Tourist Destinations In Tripura

Bored of the usual travel destinations and looking for something new? You should try traveling to Tripura, India. It isn’t as crowded as New Delhi and Mumbai, but you get a lot of culture, historical heritage sites, adventure, and breathtaking landscape in one place. Flights to the capital Agartala are not expensive, but the best offers can be found on TopFlightsNow. They also have hotel and rental car bookings, so you can visit Tripura ready to go from day one. 

As one of the smaller states in India, Tripura has a rich history of both Bengali and Indian culture and many tourist spots. The climate is tropical savanna, so bring a raincoat or umbrella if you’re visiting during monsoon season (May to September). However, the temperatures are not extreme, with a high of 36°C in summer and lows of 13°C in winter. So, what is there to see and do in Tripura? 

Neermahal Palace

Known as the palace by the water, this royal palace was built in the 1930s in the middle of a lake. The picturesque building is a beautiful sight, and exploring it deserves a full-day tour. A 3-hour scenic drive from the city center of Agartala, it features stunning architecture influenced by Hindu and Muslim culture. It is so expansive and covers a wide area that taking a photo of the entire palace in a single shot requires being almost half a mile away. The placid, calm water of the 5 square kilometer Rudrasagar lake gives a very spiritual experience. Bird lovers will enjoy the variety of wild birds that reside or migrate to the lake as well. Plan your visit to include the sunset for stunning views. You won’t regret visiting the enchanting palace, which may even rival the infamous Taj Mahal in beauty. The surrounding lake also offers activities like water sports, and there is an annual boat festival in July or August. 


This ancient place of worship is a major tourist and pilgrimage destination in North-East India. The rock reliefs and stone carvings are surrounded by gorgeous green scenery. It features a giant 40-foot high depiction of the Hindu God Shiva, as well as Ganesha. Other eye-catching iconography can also be observed, and interesting imagery on the stone and rock walls of the hillside. Visit Unakoti during the annual festival (Ashokastami Mela) in April. If you think it may be too crowded for you, there is a second (smaller) festival in January. 

Tripura Government Museum

No visit to Tripura would be complete without a trip to the largest museum in North-East India. It is housed in a former royal palace, Ujjayanta Palace. The grounds have gardens that cover a vast area that is perfect for a walk, with a luxurious feel typical of Mughal heritage sites. Located right in the middle of Agartala, it features many displays of Indian history, especially focusing on North-Eastern India. The most popular display is of sandstone sculptures of the archaeological site in Pilak. The display shows parts of Hindu and Buddhist culture from the 9th-13th century. 

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

For nature lovers, this sanctuary is the perfect blend of water bodies and grasslands, with intertwining forests. In fact, there are four types of forests in the sanctuary. The wide variety of flora is rare, and there are many birds and mammals in their natural habitat. Visitors usually come to see Indian bison, wild cats, leopards, deer, and many others.

Kamaleswari Temple

Near the border of India and Bangladesh, this temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali, which is the principal deity of Tripura. Surrounded by lake Kamalasagar and lush forests, the temple offers scenic views in addition to serene worship areas. The best time to visit is between September and May to avoid the monsoon season (which makes the temple less accessible). 

Bhubaneswari Temple

Built-in the mid-1600s by Maharaja Govinda Manikya, this infamous temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhuvaneswari. It also features an older temple believed to be built sometime in the 7th or 9th century. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, on a hill (Neelachal). Views of Guwahati city can be seen from the temple, and there is an annual festival (Ambubachi) that attracts visitors from all over India and out of the country as well. 

FAQ On Visiting Agartala, Tripura

  • The best time to visit Tripura is in the winter and the post-monsoon season between October and February.
  • Expect to find 3 and 4-star hotels, but there are no 5-star hotels. Nonetheless, the hospitality and service are excellent. 

Tripura may be one of the smaller states in the country, but its location between Bangladesh and India gives it a distinct architectural and cultural history. It was also part of a princely state for centuries under the British Empire and the site for the historical Tripuri Kingdom of North-East India. 

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