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UK Budget Travel – My Top 7 Travel Tips for Saving Money

Oh, the mighty beautiful UK and all the glorious places you wish to visit this summer! There are just so many places to go and things to see. For example, have you ever been to Shoreditch? If not, check out this article to learn more about the things you can do there. But that’s only one location in the UK. Yes, we feel you, man! But if you have ever spoken to someone coming from a UK trip and all you heard is that it is just too pricy, this can be a problem for you. And no, your friend is not exaggerating. It is definitely one of the most expensive trips you could make in a European country. London, as the capital of England, gets the most points for that! But what if we could help you out with making those travel dreams come true for the lowest cost possible? Yes, we most definitely could! Stay put and relieve that tension, for you are about to learn a few tips and tricks on how to keep your money in your pockets and still get the most of what the UK has to offer!

UK Budget Travel - My Top 8 Travel Tips for Saving Money

Tips for UK Budget Travel

1. Getting to the UK

Well, where to start from if not from the biggest struggle rent when it comes to cheap things? Yes, cheap flights to the UK sound like a paradox. But hey, we know a few tricks on how to visit the UK and not pay a whole fortune. And no, we are not thinking about swimming the Atlantic Ocean on your own! If you are a traveler at heart you must have found out by now that flights are cheaper if booked in advance. Make sure you do not search the hell out of the airline companies’ websites because prices are rising with every new search you make. Also, tryout connected flights because they have proven to be cheaper than the
direct ones.

2. Let the UK accommodate you for a low cost

Once you step a foot on UK soil you’ll get all the energy you need to roam around and get the very first UK experience, but sooner or later you will need a place to sleep if you plan on staying for a while. When it comes to accommodation, it really depends where exactly in the UK you plan to put down your roots (for a few days only). There are many cheap places to stay in and all you have to do is make a good search! One way to do that is to visit this website and rent property here. This is the perfect accommodation service you need to find the cheapest housing for your UK visit. Give it try, you will stay hooked with every property you find. Once you make up your mind is time to rest and get a comfy stretch that will prepare you for your adventures.

3. Cheap eats

We are positive you found a nice place to stay and now the survivor begins! Don’t panic! UK is known to have a very expensive cuisine, but don’t get desperate! Be smart and get your stomach full for very cheap prices! If you rented out an apartment and have at least basic culinary skills, supermarkets are on every corner and have all the items you need to make you feel at home. If you are more of an on-the-go person there is also a tip for you! You can find many local chip shops and they offer a very cheap and yet enormous and generous dish of fish and chips. You can also try out big brand names, like McDonald’s, because they offer plenty and satisfactory meal deals.

4. Cheap local travel

Getting around the UK can be a bit of a hassle, so if you are not an adventurous kind of person and don’t like to get around by hitch-hiking we strongly recommend getting a cheap BritRail Pass for train travel. Inter-city transport has never been faster and cheaper before. There are also cheap bus tickets if you prefer that kind of transportation. The buses are very comfortable and safe, therefore you could relax and enjoy the ride!

5. Making memories

Now that you have saved big on the basic stuff it’s time to liberate your spirit and seize the UK in one unforgettable and amazing memory! All you need is a good camera, a map, and a travel buddy. Well, for some of you, this might sound like all you need is your smartphone, and that is correct! Some of the mobile networks in the UK, like O2, are offering free wi-fi for everyone. It is widely available and free of charge. Now you and your smartphone are the perfect travel companions for this UK trip on a budget!

6. Free city tours

There are many apps for your mobile phone that could arrange the perfect city tour. Download a travel planner and get around the UK like a local. Also, there are a bunch of guys offering a city tour free of charge. Often, these tours are the best and the guides are always trying to give you a good time because they charge you with what you feel like paying at the end of the tour. This means you could get an actual free tour. There aren’t any commitments and you don’t have to pay a pound. No worries!

7. Discount passes

If, however, you want to visit some of the attractions and don’t just stare at them from the outside, you should make sure you ask if there is a discount. Many of the attractions give discounts to students, seniors, kids. So, google out the attraction you want to visit and find out about some discount passes. Note that you might need to show a valid (student) ID!

That’s all you need to know for your on-a-budget UK travel! Hope you find these tips to be helpful and save you a lot of money. Now you are all set and ready to enter the UK void! If we, however, forgot something, please feel free to ask for advice in the comment section. Also, if you are coming back from a trip and you used another trick to keep your money in your pockets, please share it with us, so that a lot of people could have the same experience.

Bonus: One last tip is to check out if you need a tourist and short-stay visas. It depends on your country of residence, so make sure you visit the official UK government website: and find out all the details regarding your stay on UK soil.

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UK Budget Travel - My Top 7 Travel Tips for Saving Money

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