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Top Tips For Travel Fitness

You may be an avid traveler for business, personal or family pleasure. Whatever your reason for your travel, you always seem to be on the move hustling to the next destination. You are also a fitness buff, or just merely conscious of your health and seek to maintain your physique or general health routine. Well, here are the top tips for an incredible fitness routine during your travels and we will also discover the value of utilizing Hotel gym treadmills and analyze the common mistakes of using treadmills! Tips For Travel Fitness and tricks that you can do to stay in shape even when you travel. Look at this quick list of Tips For Travel Fitness.

Travel Fitness

Tips and tricks

You may have never thought you could maintain your fitness from a hotel room, but this is possible if you find yourself always on the go and staying in a hotel room often. Here is a few fitness exercises that are hotel room friendly and the significant aspect of these workouts is that you can do them solo from the comfort of your hotel room when you’re on the go or traveling!

1. Planks!

Planks are a simple exercise that you can do in your hotel room in a full or modified version to get the same effect. You get in a pushup type position against a chair, bedside or wall and extend your arms on the chair, wall, etc. then gently lift one arm up in the air at a time while holding yourself up with your arms. You alternate your arms to go up in the air to the side one at a time and Voila! You are doing a beneficial exercise that will help your body and fitness routine right from your room. This exercise will increase strength, flexibility, and so much more!

2. Pushups!

Everyone knows about the classic push up, and it truly is a great exercise to increase strength in your body. You can get in the perfect drive up a position with both hands on the ground and your legs extended out on the ground, or you can get into a modified position against a wall or chair or on your knees. Classic pushups will keep you healthy and active when you’re on the go! Pro Tip from Craig Salmon at Premier Global NASM says, “moving your hands narrower will place more emphasis on the triceps (back of the arm), the wider you go with your hands the more you will recruit the pectorals muscles (chest). You could even elevate your feet onto a chair, this will put more work through the deltoids (shoulders). Have fun and play around with things to keep challenging your body to adapt and get stronger.”

3. Let’s look at treadmills now!

Let’s say you are fortunate enough to have a gym right there in your hotel room! You can utilize the gym treadmill to build your cardiovascular ability and keep your body toned while burning fat and keeping your heart rate up!

Some common mistakes on using treadmills can be that you do your treadmill exercises with no incline expecting the same results as if you were to use an incline. People that choose no slope often use the treadmill and set it at a higher speed thinking they are getting a better and harder workout but this is not always the case. If you set your treadmill at even a slight incline and lower speed you will actually get a better more effective workout overall!

So next time you set out to use the gym treadmill you will want to avoid the common mistakes on using treadmills such as setting your speed to high with no incline expecting a greater workout! These are all solid techniques that can be used as a fitness routine when you’re on the go as a traveler!

4. How about a little weight exercise?

As much as you will be mostly walking on the streets, hiking in the nature or climbing an observation deck high-up to get a better view of wherever you will be visiting, you may hve to carry your kids when they get tired (and they do get tired at the weirdest times!) or push the baby stroller of your toddler uphill or -worse- carry that stroller with you all the way to the top of a historic tower (as happened to me once on Cologne!). That is where free-weight and/or body weight exercises come handy. Grab a pair of ironmaster dumbells and strengthen your arms before you go on a vacation, which has even the remotest possibility of toddler-carrying. You will thank me later!

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