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Top Things to Do in Brazil

It is hard to imagine how many attractions and contrasts are gathered in one country! Brazil is an exact example of the brightest and the most incredible travel spot in Latin America, where golden beaches are perfectly combined with green rainforests of Amazonia, urban cities of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro contrast with small rural villages, and carnivals and festivals take place all year round in different parts of the country. A visit to Brazil is likely to bring the best memories and impressions, considering the number of local allurements.

1. First of all, Brazil is a country of natural marvels. It is impossible not to take a tour round the Amazon basin and surrounding rainforests, usually called the “lungs of the Earth”. The abundance of flora might astonish both a common traveler and an experienced scientist. In addition, there are multiple tourist excursions, featuring piranha fishing, exploring a thicket of jungles inhabited by primate species, watch Amazon inflows, etc. The other natural attractions in Brazil are numerous waterfalls, both in Amazon basin and Iguassu Falls. The last site is the biggest cascade waterfall in the world, consisting of 275 small falls. The view is inspiring and amazing!

2. Get some beach time! More than 2 thousand beaches are at tourist’s disposal, starting from luxury Copacabana in Rio up to small island beaches. One of the most exquisite places is Fortaleza that is much adored by surfing and big wave fans. Peaceful and calm rest is guaranteed in Angra dos Reis, 150 km away from Rio. There one may find beautiful sand beaches with green shores surrounded by mountains. An impressive landscape is supplemented a lot by tropical vegetation.

3. Feel the superiority of Brazilian cities! Every big city in the country is full of travel attractions and must-see places. For instance, Cristo Redentor Statue in Rio pulls in millions of visitors, eager to see the architect marvel on more than 700 meters altitude. The other tremendous spot in Riois Maracanã, the biggest football stadium on a world map. São Paulo is usually associated with industry, as well as with numerous museums and Zoos. Tourists always visit Art Museum and MuseuPaulista, opened in 1895 to signify on Brazilian independence. Brasilia, the current capital of Brazil, is an ideal metropolitan city, planned and built in an “aircraft” shape, where every part runs a specific area (administration, residence, shopping, etc.) Manaus, hidden in Amazon basin, is a real preservation of colonial architecture and traditions.

4. Learn samba! There are many dance schools in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo that offer their services in big cities, especially on the eve of Brazilian carnivals. The most popular one is carnival in Rio de Janeiro, arranged before the Easter feast. It is a grand public holiday, full of dancing, bright costumes, fireworks and loud music! This carnival is a real samba parade, accompanied by spectacular performances!

5. Taste Brazilian coffee! It is almost obligatory to taste this soft drink, while visiting Brazil – the world leader in coffee production. There are various kinds of coffee served in every café, bar or restaurant. In addition, one can take a trip to spacious coffee plantations, distributed mainly in such states as São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Paraná.


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