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Top Things you Should Not Miss While in Florida

Florida in the USA is indeed a very attractive and wonderful tourist attraction. In fact, the very name of Florida in Spanish means flowery. The city lives up to this name. Florida is home to a wide variety of flora and perhaps is the known place for the most diverse flowery presence ever.Five of the interesting and fun things to do in Florida for those traveling in the area.This is a compilation of USA travel tips and advice.

Having said that, it should also be noticed that Florida also has several places that you should never ever miss. Let us check out the best options you would make your Florida trip memorable in every aspect.

things to do in florida

The Disney Wold

The concept of amusement park anywhere in the world owes its beginning to Walt Disney and his Disney World. If you are in Florida, you should never miss out on the Disney World in Orlando.

Despite being visited by hundreds and thousands of visitors every year, the magic of Disney World still continues to mesmerise both kids and adults alike. There are plenty of options here that you would find impressive in more ways than one. You can even have a look at the water parks for a better experience. To add more fun, you have access to things like dining, shopping and what not.


Apart from the flora, yet another attraction that Florida would offer you is the access to a large number of beautiful beaches. Miami Beach is perhaps yet another exciting option you would find quite an excellent option in every manner possible.

Miami Beach is one of the excellent options you can find quite perfect for almost every other need. Florida is also known well enough for its pebbly beaches. While most of us love sandy beaches, the pebbly beaches come with their own set of attraction. Key Largo Beaches in Florida are quite well known for their beauty with rocks and coral.

The Butterfly World

Well, the name itself should have given it out. It is the largest butterfly house in the world. The park is quite affordable enough and easy to reach. In fact, it offers you several access from different parts of Florida.

You can check out their official site and sign up for the subscription. You can have access to plenty of children activities at the Butterfly house. The park is home to more than 20000 butterflies from across the world. Apart from the butterflies, you would also have access to a wonderful world of botanical gardens, waterfalls, and bird sanctuaries as well.


Then there are springs which would further add a further beautiful dimension to your Florida exploration. Florida is known enough for its share of natural springs. In fact, the springs in Florida are known for their picturesque and natural appearance. In fact, if you find it difficult to handle the heavy heat in Florida, these springs can be indeed an excellent option for cooling yourself off a little.

These springs can help you undertake a wide range of activities. You can swim, snorkel or even indulge in a host of other activities to your heart’s content. It would be exciting enough to notice that Florida has access to a huge number of springs which go close to almost 800 across the entire Florida region.

The National Park

Last, but not the least, how about the Everglades National Park? The national park covers an area of over 1.5 million acres. It protects and takes care of a wide range of fauna that includes alligators, American crocodiles, Florida panthers, deer, turtles, egrets, manatees, and river otters.

The location is also home to Tamiami Formation. It is one of the major water reservoirs in South Florida. You can opt for the airboat rides for an exciting experience of having a look at the alligators in their natural habitat.

Well, those were just a few exciting options that you can enjoy while in Florida. Florida does offer you access to a wonderful world of being one with nature. If you are visiting Florida this time around, make sure you visit those natural habitats for an enhanced experience ever.

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