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My Top 6 Reasons To Visit New York Netx Time You Travel

New York City is among the greatest cities on this planet and without doubt, the liveliest of them all. This iconic melting pot of people and cultures wraps a truly cosmopolitan flavor around it with a thriving art and theater scene. It’s a city that never sleeps and always buzzes with some action. Historical landmarks, spectacular architecture, vast expanses of green spaces, all make it a truly wonderful city.

New York


Here are the top reasons to visit New York

1. Green Spaces

The city boasts some 1,700 parks and the largest and greenest of them all is the 843-acre Central Park. Green spaces abound in this modern and rushed city and visitors can easily escape the bustle of an urban city by visiting these tranquil spaces. Jogging, walking, biking, ice skating, row boating and nature sightseeing are endless in these green oases in the midst of the city.

2. Museums 

The landscape of New York is dotted with world-class museums that stir your imagination and delight the soul. They are numerous and visiting some of them could help broaden your understanding of the city. When in NYC, don’t forget to visit the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art and, of course, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

3. Theaters

Theaters are often considered the heart of the city and NYC is lucky to have 39 of them. They all are in operation on Broadway today and you can visit them to enjoy one of the shows currently running Try getting discount tickets as they are available either at the TKTS booth in Times Square or online.

4. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty is perhaps one of the most iconic landmarks in NYC. A French gift to America, this landmark is much more than architecture as it signifies political freedom and democracy. When in the Big Apple, do visit the Statue to understand the ethos and spirit of this great country. Also, a visit to The Immigration Museum on Ellis Island should not be missed.

5. Empire State Building

A NYC trip is not complete unless you visited the Empire State Building. This 102-story icon is a fine specimen of classic Art Deco architecture and looks dazzling. You can reach the top and get a view of close to 80 miles.

6. Grand Central Terminal

The beauty of Grand Central Terminal is something you should savor at any cost. This famous Beaux Arts building is stunning should not be missed. Built in 1903, this iconic building with a long history is something you should take time for on your NYC trip.

Reasons are many to visit the Big Apple and you can see it with New York City Tours to see it in full and get back home with loads of cherished memories.

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