Top Reason Why You Should Allow Your Child to Go to Schoolies

Schoolies is the most dreadful festival for most parents whereas high school students look forward to this festival when they can spend fun time with their friends. This event is celebrated by the high school graduates across Australia when they get the chance to visit their dream destinations without any restrictions.Schoolies are an Australian tradition for teenagers that are about to graduate,learn all about parenting what makes them a great adventure.

Best Destinations to Study

Most high school grads prefer visiting the beaches of Queensland, whereas the others choose to travel to the top tourist attractions around the globe such as Bali or Vegas.

Parents feel concerned about these festivities because the teenagers are on their own and can engage in harmful activities. Many teenagers have suffered injuries in the past due to binge drinking and drug abuse.

However, it’s not the right option to forbid your children from participating in the schoolies week. Instead, you should guide them how they can enjoy without indulging in the activities that aren’t safe for them. You can book a trip with Sure Thing Travel to make the trip more enjoyable and safe for your child.

Why Teens Should Attend the Schoolies Week

Once the high school students are done with the last exam, they want to relax. But due to the several reports of violence and sexual assaults, parents usually hesitate in allowing them to go out on schoolies. In 2012, a 17 year old girl, Isabelle Colman, lost her life when she fell off the balcony of her high-rise apartment.

However, over the past couple of years, the local governments have got serious about the safety of high school grads going to schoolies. Rules and regulations are enforced to ensure that the young grads can have the time of their life without getting injured or losing their lives.

A majority of teenagers travel to Gold Coast, Queensland to celebrate the end of the schooling years. But due to the unfortunate incidents in the past, the reputation of the place is hampered. Therefore, the local government has taken steps to prevent any accidents. However, it’s also the responsibility of the parents to look out for their children.

Going out for the schoolies week can give your child the memories they will cherish forever. The youthful days will never return and if you prohibit them from enjoying the end of the high school life, they will always regret it.

Traveling to a new place can boost the self-confidence of the teens. It can help them learn how they can effectively deal with the problems in the life. It’ll also refresh them and allow them to spend quality time with their close friends before they move away for the studies.

But make your teens understand why it’s unsafe to excessively consume alcohol and drugs so that they don’t end up making any mistakes that may cost them their life.

Schoolies is that time of the year when high school grads go out on vacations with their friends. They are free to enjoy their time and therefore, often consume alcohol and drugs. In order to keep them safe, parents should guide them about how they can enjoy without indulging in any harmful activity.

Last Updated on December 26, 2021

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