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5 Top-Rated Hotels In Los Angeles

5 Top-rated Hotels In Los Angeles

A lot of people make a yearly visit to Los Angeles, seeking Hollywood glamour, sunshine, and hundreds of other reasons. You can find a huge amount of family-friendly things to do In Los Angeles and due to the enormous scale of the city, there is a massive array of hotel options for just about every neighborhood need, budget, and visitor. A lot of people seeking Hollywood glamour and sunshine, if you are one of them, take a look at this list of top-rated Hotels In Los Angeles.

Things to Do in Los Angeles

From the well-heeled travelers to thrifty travelers, Los Angeles offers some of the best service-minded and well-appointed hotels in the entire world. Moreover, whether your needs are downtown, on the beach, or whatnot, you will surely find the right accommodation for you. 

For a little help, here are the five best hotels in Los Angeles. Read on to know more!

5 Amazing Hotels In Los Angeles With Amazing Reviews

The Hoxton, Downtown Los Angeles

Hoxton hotels are, for the most part, esteemed and adored for art and design, dearly loved by style-inclined travelers. It is particularly true of their new Los Angeles hotel with a classic beauty that offers a distinctive experience compared to a stereotype hotel, and more often than not, at an affordable price point. 

The Hoxton hotel in Los Angeles is filled with amenities and artsy details that will please guests with high standards for ease and serenity, yet who would like something affordable. The main advantages of this Hoxton Hotel Los Angeles outpost are the historic 1920s vibe and design-forward details.

Also, the rooftop pool makes an impressive and incredible attraction for staying in this hotel. Make sure to search Los Angeles hotels on an online booking website for an easy booking process. 

The Millennium Biltmore

This hotel is a gorgeous accommodation steeped in character and history in downtown L.A. that has been charming and enchanting guests for over a century. The Millennium Biltmore may look familiar to you. 

Well, it is because The Millennium Biltmore is a well-known filming site for movies like Fight Club, Chinatown, and Ghostbusters. Also, the hotel was one of the models or inspo for the Tower of Terror attraction in Disney. 

The true standout here is the historic public areas that upgrade simple rooms. Although several downtown L.A. accommodations promote and market outdoor rooftop pools, The Millennium Biltmore’s indoor pool is a well-kept piece of art with classic tile work and details inspired by Pompeii, plus the nostalgic deck chairs. 

What’s more, the beautiful and magnificent Rendezvous Court is a must for a cup of coffee or tea wherein you will probably witness fashion photo sessions, film shoots, and weddings.

Hotel Figueroa

Hotel Figueroa is an almost century-old and iconic hotel. The hotel served as an exclusive hostel for the women by the YWCA. At present, the Hotel Figueroa is restored and refurbished. Meaning to say it is all new again.

As a matter of fact, in 2019, Hotel Figueroa has undergone a notable transformation, rehabilitating the building to its primeval look. The rooms here are decorated with iPad technology and smart TVs to help expedite the requests of the guest. 

Even so, many people like staying at Hotel Figueroa for the superb and outstanding downtown L.A. location. Moreover, the hotel serves a delicious Mexican-inspired menu.

NoMad Hotel

NoMad Hotel is a newly opened hotel located in downtown Los Angeles. It has bohemian-chic vibes, with Jacques Garcia-designed rooms. Furthermore, each room is designed uniquely with inventive and innovative details, such as original artworks and custom-designed furniture. 

 Also, most rooms boast freestanding tubs, making it feel more humane and kind. The NoMad Hotel has the first food and beverage services outside New York City from restaurateur Will Guidara and Chef Daniel Humm, the people behind the Nomad Hotel NYC outpost plus the Eleven Madison Park. 

The Beverly Hilton

This hotel is not one of the hipper and newer accommodations in Los Angeles. However, some hotel options can throw one’s hat in the ring with their elegant reputation, which is as appropriate and fitting as the Hollywood pomp. 

Besides, the legendary International Ballroom is the place wherein the yearly Golden Globes Awards telecast occurs or happens. That said, celebrities and artists gush in every year. Even though Beverly Hilton is an old building, the 569 rooms feature Babor Beauty toiletries, Bose Wave music systems, and Egyptian cotton linens. 

What’s more, this hotel has the largest heated pool in Los Angeles. Even better, the address is nearby prime attractions.


Booking accommodation in L.A. means determining between hotels with beautiful aesthetics or brimming history. Although the cost of each hotel might be as high as you imagine, still, it is much lower than in other cities such as London or New York. In fact, prices for at least four start hotels usually start at 100 dollars in the low season and increase in price depending on the room choice and property. The hotel options in this list are some of the best hotels in Los Angeles. Refer to them if you plan to visit Los Angeles soon.

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