The Top 4 Places to Go Hiking in Thailand

The Top 4 Places to Go Hiking in Thailand

Generally, when you hear about a honeymoon, what comes to your mind? Have some romantic leisure time with your partner, visiting tourist viewpoints, exploring markets, and trying out different cuisines. But a honeymoon can be spent not just in one way but in several ways. There are couples who go out of the way for their wedding and honeymoon, especially if both of you are adventure-seeking people.

Go Hiking in Thailand with your life partner slash adventure partner into the lush green valley of Thailand and explore places that are not touched by all. It is way more romantic to be somewhere on the earth which is secluded along with your beloved and can only be reached with some strenuous efforts. 

Thailand has many trekking trails among the rainforests and the foggy mountains and provides rich diversity to choose from. Hiking in Thailand is very famous and the level of difficulty differs in different tracks. From beginners to experts, Thailand has it all sorted. From witnessing the breathtaking scenic beauty to interacting with the local tribal Thai people, to feeling the sheer joy after visiting the endpoint with your beloved is a honeymoon trip worth remembering forever. 

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4 Treks to Go Hiking in Thailand to Fill You Up With Thrill And Excitement

1. Mae Hong Son Trek

This is also known as Mae Hong Son loop because the trek starts from Chiang Mai all the way up to Mae Hong Son and again back to Chiang Mai. To complete this trek, it would take almost 4-5 days to finish it. Mae Hong Son loop is a quite famous trek of Thailand among the trekkers because it lets you experience northern Thailand, the hills, the beautiful landscape of it and its people to its depth. If both of you are someone who gets fascinated with the misty mountains and likes walking down the forest then this is the perfect trek for you. 

Mae Hong Son Trek
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The starting point of this trek is of course Chiang Mai from where your adventure starts to encounter many challenges to walking over ridges to going through forest areas. You will get to experience the life of migratory hilly tribes along the way in Huay Hee Karen village. The terrains will give you a tough time and crossing the river will test your patience and presence of mind. 

This trek is perfect for those who aren’t prepared for extreme trekking and just want to experience some thrill and explore the unseen mesmerizing beauty of Thailand

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2. Chiang Dao Trek

Chiang Dao Trek
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Chiang Dao trek is another famous trek of Thailand. This trek should be taken by someone who is experienced enough to participate in strenuous activities, as the level of difficulty of this trek ranges from moderate to difficult. 

Chiang Dao is a mountain that lies in the north of Chiang Mai. If both of you want to walk down an off-beat track and want to shed some extra sweat to experience the thrill and adventure of trekking, then Chiang Dao is the best trail to choose. This is almost a three-day trek to Chiang Dao mountain. 

Starting off from Chiang Mai, you will get to closely encounter the natural environment of northern Thailand. There is a tea plantation you will find along the way and will get to relish the beauty of it. You will get to face many rough ridges in the forest, crisscross trails, bamboo jungle and river crossing. 

During the night stay in the local villages, meet the friendly local people and know about their ways of life. In this trek, you will get to see the not so known breathtakingly beautiful sceneries and can feel the tranquility once you sit and relax in the remote locations. 

3. Doi Inthanon Trek

Doi Inthanon
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Doi Inthanon trek has to be mentioned in the blog as it is the highest mountain of Thailand located in northern Thailand with a height of 2565 meters above sea level. Also, it counts among one of the most beautiful places in northern Thailand to visit. And trekking in Doi Inthanon is very popular among trekkers. 

The type of trekking can be of short duration and can take one or two days to range up to several days and it is not for amateur trekkers. You have to have the strength and skills to be able to participate in the strenuous activities that trekking to Doi Inthanon requires. 

At the peak of Doi Inthanon, the high altitude has a freezing climate and the mountain is surrounded by mist most of the year. During trekking, you will witness diverse flora and fauna along the way. For the hardcore nature lovers, this hiking with being an absolute delight to get to see the mesmerizing waterfalls, hundreds of bird varieties, diverse flowers, monkeys, flying squirrels, and many more animals and other species. You will truly get one of the best views during this trek, the fresh cool breeze, the refreshing nature which both of you are exploring together. 

4. Khao Luang Peak Trek

Khao Luang Peak Trek

Lastly, mention must be made of Khao Luang Trek. After all the exploration in northern Thailand, let’s now head towards the southern region. Khao Luang is the highest mountain in southern Thailand with its peak situated at the height of 1835 m above sea level. The duration of the trekking can take up to 3-4 days with the difficulty level ranging from moderate to extreme. Make sure you have enough essential items to enter into the dense jungle and have your way through it to the park of Khao Luang. You will frequently find leeches in this trek. 

For true nature lovers and those who get fascinated with the enigmatic beauty of the forest, Khao Luang trek is the best to take. Enter the forest and get sweaty along the way as you enter more into the deep forest and also feel the language that the tall trees speak. You will get to see waterfalls, streams, ferns in the jungle. You can camp in the forest and reach the summit the next day to catch the breathtaking sunrise from the top. An absolutely blissful experience to feel with your partner by your side. 

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