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Top 4 Neighborhoods to Live in Chicago in 2023

There are various reasons to love Chicago, which is one of the significant cities in the USA to move to. Every year lots of renters tend to move to Chicago for their diverse cultural activities, different food and beverage opportunities and outstanding natural beauty. Hope this guide to the best neighborhoods to live in Chicago for families will help you to take a decision about where you will live in this city. 

Not only in the USA, but people from different regions are also interested to relocate themselves to “the windy city”. But, you need to decide where you will stay in this city before making your moving decision as it has blessed with some stunning neighborhoods which offer everything that you are needing.

Neighborhoods to Live in Chicago

For your help, we listed a few neighborhoods for different kinds of people for different purposes and needs. Let’s read through:

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Chicago

River West

For affordable housing, River West is a really popular area of Chicago. It is located in the zone between the flyover and loop. The Spoke apartment is located here in Morgan Street, which is a famous building for staying. For people who are looking to live near to their office and workplace, this area might be an affordable option.


For entertainment, this area is really superb. The availability of public transportation and the affordable cost of apartments and houses make this neighborhood popular among the people in this city.

The Hideout is an excellent place for music and art lovers. Music and art performances are held here regularly around the year.

If you are passionate about outdoor activities then you will find the Bloomington Trail where you can walk or run using the trail having stunning views.

The area is safe enough to live in, and you don’t need many precautions to keep you and your family safe. But, my suggestion is not to walk alone at night.

Logan Square

Logan Square is elegant and gorgeous to live in. The historic structures, Logan pizza and Logan park are popular among the people here.

For joggers and workout guys, Logan Square is an ideal place, also one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for families. You can enjoy your workout times around the area by enjoying the superb beauty of this neighborhood.

Logan Square is culturally richer having lots of old churches, Congress Theater and the Hairpin Arts.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is another prime neighborhood located in the heart of the city. This area is like a tourist destination. People living here can enjoy the beauty of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan or the park from their rooms.

However, this is not only a naturally beautiful place, but you will have the opportunities of all sort of entertainment and outdoor activities also.

And you can have a great choice of apartments for rent in Emeryville as more options.

The country’s one of the oldest free zoos, the Lincoln Park zoo, is one of the attractive destinations here.

There are some other advancements of living in this area which includes some great public transportation like LRed, Blue and Purple Lines. But, you need to know that this is the most costly neighborhood in Chicago.

Hope this guide of the best Chicago neighborhoods will help you to take a decision about where you will live in this city. 

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