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Top Must-See Countries of Eastern Europe

If you plan an unforgettable vacation with diving into new culture and rich history but low on budget, Eastern Europe is the region you can’t miss. Although it has outstanding locations, it is usually ignored by tourists due to the lack of advertising. Tourists prefer to spend a fortune on Paris and Rome, completely forgetting about fairy-tale views of Prague, Krakow, or budget resorts with astonishing sea views and top services in Dubrovnik. You may visit Boiana MG tour guide to find out more about your possibilities if you want more options for your vacation.Eastern Europe is a region without strict borders and consists of countries with different cultures, religions, languages, and currencies.

Eastern Europe

Perfect Time for a Visit

Eastern Europe is a vast region. It contains multiple different cultures inside it. Each country has its own climate and natural attractions. You can visit them all year round. Mainly your travel destination depends on the type of activity you want to be engaged in:

  • Swimming. Croatia, with its Adriatic Sea, is the top choice for fans of swimming. You can visit Dubrovnik or go to one of the national treasures – Plitvice Lakes National Park. Another option is the Black Sea in Bulgaria;
  • Skiing. Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria are famous for their ski resorts. You may visit Sinai in Romania, Donovaly Park Snow in Slovakia, Borovets in Bulgaria, or Zakopane in Poland to enjoy mountain views and a wide range of winter activities;
  • Food tours. There are lots of food tours offered around Eastern Europe. The most popular choices are Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina);
  • Sightseeing tours. All Eastern European countries have a rich history for you to discover. One of the most popular destinations in Prague. It was not badly damaged during the wars, and you will find plenty of medieval constructions there, including the famous Charles Bridge.

Top-3 Countries to See in 2022

The list is far from full. I have gathered here only my favorite locations. You can extend it with your own locations in the comments below.

Bulgaria, Sofia

The architecture of Sofia was influenced by Romans, Greeks, and even the Ottomans. Sofia is the heart of the Balkan region with tasty food that you can’t miss. Once you get tired from walking around the city, climb to Mount Vitosha to admire astonishing views.

Czech Republic, Prague

Prague was founded in 870 AD. It is considered to be one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. It is a perfect place for fans of history and low prices. Although the city is overcrowded during the summer, you can visit it any time during the year and enjoy numerous restaurants, museums, live music venues, and parks.

Ukraine, Kyiv

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and is one of the largest cities in Eastern Europe. It is usually chosen for sightseeing tours due to its rich historical past and for food tours. It is a surprisingly budget-friendly city with multiple Baroque churches.

Discover Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a region without  strict borders and consists of countries with different cultures, religions, languages, and currencies. The United Nations classifies 7 countries and 3 republics as Eastern Europe. You can explore them one by one since they all are affordable even for low-budget tourists.

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