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4 of the Best Hotels in Penang, Malaysia | Asia Travel

Are you looking to travel your heart out with untapped nature, rich culture and awesome cuisines along with captivating nightlife? If, yes, then Penang has to be the top most choice for you. It is easily accessible by road from Kuala Lumpur or if you want to head to this place from Southern Thailand, then you are most welcome as well. Penang as part of its natural beauty constitutes a big part through its beach namely Batu Ferringhi and being a tourist destination, if you are on the lookout for the best hotel service, then I must admit, you would be like “wow” considering the top-notch hospitality which seems to be the most obvious thing here.Malaysia has tons of amazing hotels for you to enjoy on holiday. Here is a list of what I consider to be the top four best hotels in Penang.

Now, considering the ever-rising strength of the tourists due to the preferable surroundings mentioned above, let’s take a look at some of the following hotels in the area:

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Best Hotels in Penang, Malaysia

Hotel Penaga

There is nothing like a Luxury heritage hotel in Penang where the warmth, love, affection, hospitality and over all ambience seems to be way up, that it is unmatched. No points of guessing that it stands out to be the best hotel here. Yes, it can be best experienced to believe. You may have been in different hotels, but what sets it apart is that “pleasant” feeling to give you a boost to your journey further. The word “perfect” is appropriately made for the hotel where every service gives a new name of what “perfection” can actually be. It has created enough name amongst people and the charisma is all set to become bigger and better, thanks to the love reciprocated by the esteemed clients as well.

Park royal Penang resort one of best hotels in Penang

Do you want to get the prized view of the sea right from the hotel room? Yes, stay in this 5 star hotel to feel contend with the beauty of Batu Ferringhi beach. To give you additional pampering, there are therapies for your service apart from mouth watering menus at the restaurants as well.

Golden sands resort

What’s the most obvious thing you consider during the time of booking a hotel? Well, it has to be luxurious where the comfort level should be at its peak. Isn’t it? Continuing to give even rising satisfied and happy customers, with the similar experience, Golden sands resort simply adds that spark which you dearly want to make you refresh again. With a perfect view of the beach, if you are accompanied with kids, then the “kids club” is what you need for them to get entertained as well, while you can simply feel blessed amidst the cool breeze of the sea.

Bay view Beach Resort one of best hotels in Penang

Travelers from across the world has their own needs and taste. Yes, considering the diverse expectations of people, the hotel ensures that it falls in line with the expectations of people. There is no way you could have been in such a place where you are ready to pamper yourself first.

Final thoughts
Experience how life offers the best of luxury through your stay and glorify your journey further through aforesaid top hotels in Penaga, Malaysia

Do you know of any other that you consider the best hotels in penang? Let me know in the comments.

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