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Top Honeymoon Trends and Destinations for 2023

Traditionally, honeymoons are seen as a romantic getaway where a newly married couple can sleep in and lounge around. But times are changing, and these days spouses to be are looking for one-of-a-kind honeymoons that fit their unique frame of mind. That’s why I decided to make a list of the top honeymoon trends that will help you out while planning your trip.

Here are just some of the ways in which the traditional honeymoon recipe is changing. Check out these 5 honeymoon trends that are on point for couples who are tying the knot in 2020.

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Planning Your Honeymoon

Top Honeymoon Trends for 2022

1. Eco-Moon

With environmental issues taking the forefront in society, some couples want to know that their honeymoon will be as eco-conscious as they are.

Where to go: Chill in the Maldives

Eco-friendly resorts like Six Senses Laamu provide the perfect blend of tranquility and sustainability. This resort focuses on reducing waste and maintaining sustainability both on land and in the water. Six Senses Laamu was also voted the Leading Eco-Resort in the Maldives in 2018. It’s the perfect way to spend a worry-free and guilt-free honeymoon

Pro Tip: Traveling to the Maldives can be very pricey, especially since travel and booking sites use cookies and other trackers to increase their prices. As people research a destination and compare prices, companies hike their rates based on a projected expectation for demand. Search through a VPN instead to avoid price discrimination and get cheaper deals.

2. Curious Accommodations

Whether it’s a repurposed crane or a hotel made entirely out of ice, couples are looking for ways to make their honeymoon stand out. It all starts with picking some of the most unusual lodgings around the world.

Where to Go: Experience the Wonder of the Amazon

Book a stay at the Treehouse Lodge, which immerses its visitors in the treetop canopy of the Amazonian rainforest. Become part of nature in an unprecedented way while living in the lap of luxury. While there, discover the many wonders of Peru through guided hikes, a visit to the breathtaking Machu Picchu, and even a blowdart gun workshop.

3. Milestone-Moon

For some people, their honeymoon is their big chance to have an extravagant vacation before life kicks in and gets in the way. So instead of lounging with a cocktail somewhere, they opt to tick a big item off their bucket list, like seeing the northern lights.

Where to go: Cool Off in the Antarctic

People might profess to go to the ends of the earth to prove their undying love for each other, but how about actually doing it by cruising Antarctica? This is a potential bucket list item that most people will never tick off. It could make for one of the most memorable honeymoon trips ever.

Pro Tip: Seeing cute, chubby penguins in their natural habitat might be the dream, but that dream can only be realized for a short time every year. Cruises from South America solely travel that route from November to March, and it’s important to book far ahead to get a spot.

4. Mini-Moon

Not everyone’s flush with enough cash or time to go on a two-week honeymoon. These days, many couples opt to take a quick mini-vacation of 3-5 days.

Where to go: Discover the Wild Side of Kenya

From majestic grass plains to dense jungles overflowing with all sorts of dangerous creatures – Africa is a magical place. Plus, there’s the added benefit of not having tons of money magically disappear, which is just a really roundabout way of saying it’s affordable. Take a few days in Kenya, go on a safari, and relax under the African sun before getting back to bills and the daily grind.

5. The Spiritual Journey

The whole Eat, Pray, Love philosophy needn’t only apply to single people. Couples can start their newly married life together by journeying to spiritually invigorating spots and growing together.

Where to go: Rejuvenate in Tibet

Discover the mysteries of intricate temples and peaceful monks, while taking in the breathtaking views of glacial mountains. Tibet might be an unconventional choice as a honeymoon destination, but it’s also an unforgettable one. Take in the culture and otherworldly atmosphere of this incredible country. Then make the journey up to the Mt. Qomolangma Base Camp on Everest (the highest point people can go without a Summit permit).

Pro Tip: Due to Chinese regulations, those traveling to Tibet have to go through China and have to get a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) permit. Tourists also have to have a guide for the duration of the trip and a pre-planned itinerary.


There’s nothing wrong with taking the traditional approach and going on a cruise or sunbathing on a beach. But for those couples looking to create priceless memories during their honeymoon in 2020, these destinations won’t disappoint.

What is your favorite trend for Planning Your Honeymoon this next year?

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