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Top Four Exciting Ways to Explore Dubai

Dubai, a favorite destination of the globetrotters, is like a world fair. You can see people from all cultures speaking diverse languages here. By 2020, this modern city in the Middle East plans to become the most visited place in the world. One of the reasons why people come here is because of the numerous things it offers. Dubai combines the mysterious air of the desert and the most extensive gardens in the world. In this land of superlatives, there are more things than you could ever ask for.Four most amazing and fun ways to explore Dubai.In this article, you will learn all about the best transportation in Dubai.

The major attractions in Dubai can be broadly divided into three; the desert, the city, and the water. This will help you form a clearer picture of how to cover everything. Here is an itinerary for tourists visiting Dubai.

Explore Dubai

Go traditional with Dhow Cruise

Dhows are the legacy of Dubai’s fishing and pearl-diving heritage. These boats might have a lot to tell if they could speak. The tales about when Dubai was an insignificant fishing hamlet along the winding creek and its incredible transformation into a megalopolis. Today, dhows are a significant tourist attraction. They are also more luxurious these days.

There are two central locations for dhow cruises in Dubai. One is the quintessential Creek and the other the stylish Marina. While Dhow cruise creek is a journey through the original charm of the old Dubai, Dhow cruise Marina is trip through a glittery and posh neighborhood.

If you ask me which one you should choose, I would say that you go for both. Seeing the two contrasting parts of Dubai let you fathom how fast Dubai has grown into a global city from its humble beginnings. Which one is the better boils down to your preference. If you like all modern things, you might like the snazzy cityscape of Marina better. If you are more into the traditional aspect of a destination, surely Creek is your place.

Explore Dubai

Try the thrilling desert safari

Most of us only think about the skyscrapers and the whizzing supercars when we hear Dubai. But most of Dubai is still desolate desert. That was where the nomadic Arabs called Bedouins dwelled. They lived in Arishes made of palm leaves and grazed camels and goats for a living. The safari will help you appreciate their lifestyle as well. There is something for everyone in a safari. The adventure souls love the dune bashing. Dune bashing is like a roller coaster ride through the desert, moving at mind-blowing speeds on top of the enormous dunes.

There are a plethora of other activities as well in a safari. Sandboarding is the adaptation of the popular snow skiing into the desert environment. From the top of a tall dune, with the sandboardstrapped on to the feet, you can slide down to the bottom. The camel safari and Quad biking also fun worth having.

The desert camp is another main part of the safari. The camp modeled like a bedouin house will bring you back the forgotten traditions of the nomadic Arabs of the past century. After sunset, it is time for the luscious barbecue dinner. The five-star dinner buffet brings together all the favorite dishes from cuisines across the globe. The food along with the folk dance performances, will make your evening unforgettable. After dinner, you can relax in the camp and take in the serene vibe of the desert.

Taste luxury on a yacht 

A major attraction in Dubai is its aquamarine waters. If you want to enjoy every bit of it, you should hire a mega yacht and venture into the open sea. Yachts are sought after venues to throw parties or to spend an evening relaxing in the gentle sea breeze.

Explore Dubai

Deep-sea fishing is the most popular sport in Dubai’s seas. Because it requires a license for individuals to fish in Dubai, the convenient option is to hire a yacht from a company that already has a license. This helps to bypass a lot of hassles and comes with some perks as well. When you hire a yacht, you don’t have to have your own fishing gear. Fishing gear can be quite expensive and cumbersome to carry. Therefore this might come as a great help.

Yacht rentals are on an hourly basis. If you have a group of people with you, the cost per head turns out to be very nominal. There are small fishing boats that can carry up to six guests at a time to mega party yachts with the capacity of a whopping 200 people. Click here to book a luxury yacht in Dubai.

Roam around on a city tour

Dubai has many man-made wonders which will attract the eyes of the beholders at the very first sight. This huge city holds so much to see. If you have a sound knowledge of where everything in the city is and which are the ones that you should visit first, you are good to go on your own. But most tourists coming here are first-time visitors. For them, a city tour packages it a better option.

A city tour will take you to all the significant spots in Dubai from the oldest to the newest in a four-hour trip. We start from Bur Dubai and Deira, where the oldest evidence of civilization in Dubai is. After visiting Bastakiya, heritage village, old souks, and the creek, we move to the more modern part of Dubai. The visit to Jumeirah mosque will give you a closer look into the Islamic heritage of the region.

A drive through Sheikh Zayed Roadwhich is lined by remarkable architectures on both side unveils for you the height of Dubai’s prosperity. You will also see BurjKhalifa, the tallest building, and the

popular Dubai Mall, which stands right next to it.

When you are in Dubai, make sure that you include these activities on your bucket list. This will complete your trip and give you a great holiday.

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