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Family Travel Inspiration – Top Five Places

There are lots of places that you can go for a vacation but if you are going for a family vacation then it is best if you go in for places that your kids will like to go too.Family Travel Inspiration – five kid friendly places from all over the world that are famous for providing amazing family vacations.Check out this list.

1. Orlando, Florida USA
Any family planning a vacations puts Disneyland on the top of their list. Some even go more than once. Not only do the children get to meet their favorite cartoon characters but they also get to go on several different kinds of rides. But Orlando also has Sea world and Universal studios. At Sea world you get to see a lot of sea animals that you will not find in any aquariums. Who doesn’t want to know what goes behind the scenes in a movie. At Universal Studios you will get to see all that.

Family Travel Inspiration Sea World Orlando Florida- Polar Bear Express

2. New York City, USA
With its myriad museums, zoos, parks, theaters and shopping malls New York is popular with adults and kids alike and there are so many options. Go for a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty Island or explore Times Square. Then there is the Central Park which needs a whole day by itself or Catch a play at Broadway.

3. Atlantis Resort, Bahamas
The Caribbean islands are a popular choice with honeymooners but the Atlantis Resort at Bahamas takes it one step further. They ensure that the whole family has a nice vacation. So, you can leave your kids can have their own schedule while you have a different one. Atlantis will take care of your children and their needs.

4. London, United Kingdom
Like New York, the city of London is a popular choice for vacation with children and adults alike. There are so many museums, castles, palaces to see that you will be spoil for choice. London offers a combination of history and modernity that is difficult to match. There are also many places to shop if you are so inclined. A view from the Eye of London is one of the most spectacular views in the world.

5. Paris, France
Paris might seem like an odd choice for a family vacation but Paris is ideal for family vacations. There are so many museums and historical sites that are worth a visit. It is also the fashion capital of the world and so you can indulge in shopping too, if so desired. The highlight of the Parisian trip is of course the Eiffel tower. And children and adults alike are enthralled by a visit to the tower.

Once you have zeroed in on the destination the planning of the vacation can become an event in itself. If you are traveling by road then make sure that you plan adequate number of stops. If it’s a long road trip whiling away the time might become difficult if you don’t plan the ways to keep kids busy. The advent of anywhere internet and smartphones have made our jobs lot easier. Play a variety of games and ensure that everyone gets a chance. Games like online slots, puzzles, word games etc. need not be played by a single person. It can become a fun family activity. And that is what family vacations are about.

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