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Top Fishing Destinations in the United States

I fell in love with fishing a few years ago after tagging along with a buddy of mine in Miami on a fishing charter. My friend had wanted me to go with him for years, but time was often an issue for me, as well as money. This particular year, I happened to be in Miami and my buddy had found a very reasonably priced private fishing charter through a friend of his, we hit the open water, I fell in love with the game and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, I have toured the States looking for some of the best and most interesting places to fish, and here are my findings.I fell in love with fishing few years ago.Since then,I have toured the States looking for Top Fishing Destinations and here are my findings

Top Fishing Destinations

Top Fishing Destinations in the United States

Lake Okeechobee

This is the largest lake in Florida and a fantastic place to go fishing for some high-quality bass, and there is plenty of it t go around. A trip to the lake is great for beginners and beyond the largemouth bass, you will also find plenty of catfish and black crappie. I like this location for the abundance of fish, the beautiful surrounding area and of course, the blazing Florida sunshine.

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McCloud River

California’s McCloud River offers some fantastic fishing locations in the dramatic setting between Mt.Shasta and the impressive Cascade Mountains. Beyond picturesque, this is my favorite spot in the US for trout fishing. You can fish here between the end of April until the 15th of November and if you want the best chance to catch then you need to head down to the lower end of the river.

Lake of the Ozarks

This large reservoir is part of Missouri’s Osage River and is a honey hole for fishing, I was here just last year and caught an impressive haul. Here you will find largemouth bass, channel catfish, paddle fish, white bass, bluegill, and white crappies as well as the blue catfish if you are lucky. There are plenty of charters available in the area and some days that I was out, I barely saw another soul – pun not intended – with this much fish on offer and few people fishing, Lake of the Ozarks is the perfect place to spend your days.

Kodiak Island

Alaska offers anglers a wide variety of great fishing locations and in all honesty, you would do well to spend a trip traveling around the ‘Last Frontier’ to unlock its true fishing potential. One of my favorite places to fish in Alaska is Kodiak Island, this is where I found the most abundant salmon and also where I found the most accessible streams and rivers. This entire area is fully geared up for anglers and there is real tranquility to be found here, thanks to its size and plentiful fishing locations you will often find yourself alone with the salmon and perhaps, the bears, but don’t worry too much about that, they are just there for the salmon as well! Don0t hesitate and take an Alaska fishing trip!

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Bonus point – Hiring a fishing charter is one of the best ways to go as well.

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