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Female Rock Climbers – True Power

Guest post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son)

Women climbers are some of the best and most interesting to watch as they master the hardest routes indoors and on the rock.

These are by far some of my favorites. Not only are they master climbers, but super inspirational. I also enjoy a lot watching the Top Male Rock Climbers  they are super inspirational too

7 Top Female Rock Climbers to Watch

Ashima Shiraishi

She is a professional American rock climber who started climbing at the age of six at Rat Rock, Central Park Manhattan.

Now she is considered one of the best climber of either gender. She was the first woman to climb V15 (8c).

And she’s going to the first Olympics in 2020 Climbing.

Ashima Shiraishi - top Female Rock Climbers

Margo Hayes

Professional American rock climber from Boulder, Colorado.

She won both the Bouldering and Lead Climbing events at the World Youth  Championships in Guangzhou.

But she is best known for being the first woman to ever climb 5.15 (9a+).

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Margo Hayes

Alex Puccio

Is a professional American rock climber that specializes in bouldering, participates in the United States national championships and IFSC tournaments.

She is known for being one of the strongest climbers in the world.

Alex Puccio

Janja Garnbret

In July 2015, just after turning 16, she started competing in the senior category of the Lead Climbing World Cup.

She is Slovenian and is 19 years old and is known for climbing 5.13d onsight.

Janja Garnbret

Brooke Raboutou

Brooke is a professional climber from the USA that trains with team ABC Colorado.

Her mom is Robyn Erbesfield a very famous climber, who is also the team’s main coach.

Brooke is the youngest person to climb 5.14.

Brooke Raboutou

Shauna Coxsey

She is a British climber that has climbed V14 and usually participates in IFSC tournaments.

She is known for winning the 2016 and 2017 world cup.

Shauna Coxsey

Miho Nonaka

She is a Japanese boulderer that was introduced to climbing by her father at the age of nine and competed in her first world cup at the age of 17.

Miho Nonaka

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top Female Rock Climbers True Power

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