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Top Family Activities to Try in Santorini

It is time to discover Santorini, and when you plan a holiday with your family, you can expect the fun and excitement to double. After all, nothing could be better than exploring the true Paradise with your kids and discovering the hidden gems. Get ready to have fun with Family Activities to Try in Santorini as you visit awesome places and activities along the coast.

Family Activities to Try in Santorini

Santorini is a popular Cyclades Island in the Aegean Sea and allures tourists and travelers because of its rugged landscape, sandy beaches, volcanoes, and interesting towns and villages. The moon-shaped island has been there since ancient, and it is said that intense volcanic eruptions have destroyed almost half of the island. What makes Santorini special is its picturesque villages’ architecture that looks like sugar cubes. Many writers, photographers, and artists get inspired by Santorini and come here frequently.

 Santorini, with its water parks, playgrounds, and gorgeous coastline, boasts of some ultimate places and activities for the family to enjoy together.

Family Activities to Try in Santorini

Family Things to do in Santorini

Enjoy a sunset from the Oia

Oia, located in the northern side of the island, is a charming village that is simply picturesque postcard perfect. You will love the little shops, cafes as well as spectacular views during your sightseeing tour on the hilly roads. Plan a trip to the volcanic beach, visit centuries-old churches and castles, and plan a picnic on the beach. Enjoy the amazing hues of reds and yellows when the sun goes down.

Take a boat tour

When in Santorini, you are sure to come across million different options for water-based activities. You can get more details on Santorini boat rental here – if you are interested in a boat tour. Nothing could be more exciting than taking a sailing tour and enjoying the incredibly blue waters. You can check out the nearby islands or swim in the cool waters. You can look for cruises with a lunch or dinner included.

Parasail to get a panoramic view

It is a must to take a parasailing flight to look at the island from a different perspective. Watch your kids scream in excitement when they fly over the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The experience is indeed mind-blowing for the whole family. Admire the volcanoes on the island and the amazing views surrounding Santorini.

Family Activities to Try in Santorini

Swim in Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay is a small protected little bay near Oia and is a favorite among families as they are away from the crowds. The kids will love the secluded area and can swim in the crystalline clear and calm waters. It is indeed very exciting to spend time on the beach with your children, making sandcastles, picking shells, or simply lazing around. Children love the wide beach area where they can indulge in plenty of fun activities.

Take advantage of the volcano tour

Santorini volcano tour is very popular among tourists, and if you are here with your family, you must include the trip in your itinerary. Enjoy the sunset on board, as well as get the chance to see the active volcano of Nea Kameni. Your sailing expedition will take you along Caldera and the neighboring islands, and you can sail, hike, swim and enjoy the special local food and wine.

Scuba diving in Santorini

Santorini’s scuba diving tour should not be missed out on if you love marine life. Do not fret as there are basic training lessons given to beginners, while the advanced divers can enjoy the diversity of the amazing underwater world. The scuba diving experience is indeed a delightful and thrilling one for the kids. The perfect season for diving in Santorini is from May through to September, when you get to see the unusual species of marine life, shipwrecks, and some intriguing rock formations.

 Kayak excursions in Santorini

Kayaking is an excellent way to shoreline sea exploration, and one can combine the exciting water activity with exploring the Southern Santorini coast. Go for a leisurely kayak tour with your family, and you will have trained experts who will show you how to get in and out of the kayak. Soon, you will be maneuvering through the waters with better stability and complete comfort because of the special instructions from trained guides.

Catamaran Sailing Tour

It is a must to take the amazing Catamaran Sailing Tour when visiting the beautiful archipelago. Whether you are here for a day with your family or planning to spend some more time, this is the best way to enjoy and explore some magnificent places such as the White Beach, Red Beach, Palea Kameni for hot springs (you will enjoy those as much as I enjoyed the natural hot springs in Guatemala), and Nea Kameni Island for the volcano. Most of these sites are easily accessible by boat.

Santorini shore excursions

If you are not very sure as to what to see or do on the island of Santorini, then just plan some shore excursions. These are the perfect solutions for those families who want to get the most out of their trip to the island. Get ready for a unique experience during those excursions, as there are so many things to see and discover on the island. Visit traditional villages, enjoy local wine tasting, and do not forget to take pictures of the amazing surroundings. You can book a boat tour from your cruise ship to make the most of your time.

Family Activities to Try in Santorini

Wander along the seaside promenade

You can plan an evening at the seaside promenade in Kamari with your family. You will come across several shops, restaurants, and cafes in the area. Those interested in diving can head towards the Santorini dive center close by, where you can get decent equipment and good attention for training and safety. Explore and enjoy the Kamari seaside with a nice black beach and take an evening stroll with your family. You will love the shops, restaurants, cafes, and especially Italian restaurants.

 Go for a cable ride

Hop on the cable car with your family from the cruise port and ride up the cliff into Fira. Enjoy amazing views of the island as you ride up, and the trip is sure going to be loads of fun for your younger children. Later, you could hike up the active volcano or have a great time at the water park. Teenagers can spend a night outdoor at the open-air theater and catch a great flick.

 Go ahead and plan your trip based on the above-listed adventure tours and activities. You could enjoy a boating tour of Santorini or explore the picturesque fishing villages and check out the nearby islands. Whatever you plan, ensure that you have a great day out for the whole family in Santorini.

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