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Top Diving Spots in the Maldives and When Should You Do It

The Maldives is synonymous with white sand beaches and blue waters. A popular destination for honeymooners and city-escapes from around the world, it’s hard to argue a reason to not make your getaway to the Maldives. After all the time under the sun, though, it might be refreshing to take a dip a bit deeper. Get your dive gear ready, because the Maldives is one spot where any diving enthusiast needs to visit. Your Maldives holidays with Elegant Resorts will be an everlasting memory with a dive into the depths of those gorgeous blue waters. Get your introduction to diving in the Maldives right here. Find the names of the top diving spots in the Maldives and tons of travel tips to make it a better experience.

Top Diving Spots Maldives

Top Diving Spots in Maldives

North Male Atoll

Located off the coast of the most popular island, snappers, bannerfish, morays, sharks, and manta rays are a few of the favorite marine creature roaming these waters, but that’s not all that’s awesome about this dive spot, the magical caves and gorgeous rock faces make the scenery here breathtaking. Look out for the steep drop off and overhangs to get the feel of the topography of the area, it’s simply magnificent.

Ari Atoll

This is a spot that’s sure to bring the marine creatures you are dying to see right to you. You will almost certainly encounter black tail barracuda, bait fish and even white and grey tip sharks. Napoleon wrasse, whale sharks and mantas will be swimming about, and you might even catch a hammerhead swimming nearby.

Vaavu Atoll

The fast-flowing currents around here mean you will be getting a plethora of sea creatures making their round in the area. Unicorn fish, triggerfish, eagle rays, tuna, and grouper are just a few of the fish swimming here. Fotteyo Kandu is considered one of the most fantastic spots to dive in the country. There are overhangs and caves to swim through which provide an exciting addition to your diving.

Boat Tours

This is the way to dive in the Maldives. Enjoy your stay on the cruise and see the Maldives as they should be seen. Drifting around the island-peppered waters of the Indian Ocean, your experience on the boat might be just as remarkable as the dives themselves.

The boat tours go with the flow, literally, by having the currents take you where you need to go. Be comfortable as ever on the boat with no worries about having peace and quiet. The boat stays as a haven to relax to on after a day of diving and the dhonis, or dive boats, will be there when it’s time to get geared up for your dives.

When to Dive in the Maldives

The beaches are inundated by the sun’s rays day in a day out, so it’s going to be nice to take a plunge down to the depths to have a break. Many of the marine creatures are almost guaranteed to be at these locations, so your chance of getting spectacular diving bragging rights is pretty high. The best months to go diving in the Maldives are from November to May, but there are diving tours year-round. The marine animals do switch up their hang-out spots depending on what of the year it is, but they are almost always lurking around some diveable reefs.

This is the same diving time for Central America, where have had a lot of our diving experiences as well. But Maldives is the mother of all diving for sure.

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