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Top Destinations for the Most Wonderful Time of Year

2020 was an unbelievable year. With the unexpected lockdown and travel restriction, the world was brought to a pause, while both domestic and wild animals wondered what went wrong. We have a goal to provide ease of traveling for everyone everywhere, here is some of the Top Destinations for the Most Wonderful Time of Year.

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Despite the lockdown easing for over a year, there are still some caution placed on vacations both this year and in 2021.  We might just be coming off the back of a wonderful festive season, but it is not too late to plan for the next one. The end of the year should be a memorable one for you and your loved ones, and we at are here to give you the best options to celebrate away from home. 

Deductions from our research showed that an overwhelming percent of Americans agreed to traveling to anywhere in the world for Christmas if their budgets allow, and two-thirds say they would consider traveling, so far it meets their expectations of home away from home.  

We have a goal to provide ease of traveling for everyone everywhere, that is why we have looked at some of the top destination areas for Americans and Europeans looking for a place to ease most of the stress they have carried all year long. It does not depend if your criteria is warmth or festivities, we have something everyone would be interested in. 

  1. San Diego, California

San Diego might not be the perfect destination if you are looking to enjoy the winter aura, but its warm climates and its exquisite beaches make it a renowned destination place. Truth is, San Diego is fun. You can go on ice skating, rent a car, or hop on a trolley tour. Christmas lights are placed around the city, and there is the chance for a sailing tour from which you can enjoy the city’s scenery.

Hotel you can book:

One of the best hotel booking in San Diego is the Estancia La Jolla Hotel. This hotel is a prototype of Spanish home designs and it has three properties’ restaurants from which you can get a cup of tea or cocktail. Its luxurious rooms are just a few meters from downtown San Diego. 

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta was voted one of the most popular destinations for tourists in 2022, and the snowy games during the winter makes it more enjoyable towards the end of the year. During Christmas, the only thing that cannot be rare in Atlanta is the  Christmas lights. 

The streets are lit up with sparkling Christmas lights which are precursors to festivities that happen in the streets of Atlanta. If Christmas for you should be more about serenity and personal time, Atlanta is not the place for you. But if you want to have the time of your life during the festive season, there are only a handful of destination centers that beat Atlanta. 

During the holiday season, the streets of Atlanta shine brightly with the enthralling Christmas lights. And besides the beautiful decorated streets, there are a variety of festive open-air activities throughout the season, a pop-up market, ice skating, and shops featuring handcrafted goods  

Hotel you can book:

 To enjoy the perks Atlanta has to offer, you would need a good place to stay. There’s no better place to stay than the Candler Hotel. 

Strategically located in the city, you can explore anywhere by either foot or bus to enjoy the amazing Christmas aura. It is located centrally to offer easy access to the Park Tavern or night festivals. ON the hotel itself, you would be awed by the interior decoration that features both history and modern luxury.  

  1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

A research conducted by showed that eight out of every 10 Americans would prefer a vacation time with their families rather than a one-person vacation. The premise for this is clear, as holidays are perceived to be a relaxing time with the ones you love. 

If you desire a destination center for your family, Gatlinburg is that one place that ticks your boxes. The city has a magical feel that is better experienced as words might not do justice to it. Beautified all around with Christmas lights and lots of carol downtown, it is only made better by the winter feel in the season. One place you should definitely check out is the frozen waterfall on the smoky mountains. 

You don’t get to see this amazing feature everywhere. Another way to see this amazing waterfall is to take the mountain’s coastal ride. It has been awarded the longest coastal ride in the east of Tennessee and you should consider taking this ride at night so you can appreciate the beauty of the coastal experience 

Where to stay:

 Although the Bear eye view is not located in the city, it is a beautiful chalet with views outlying the smoky mountains. You might actually enjoy the stay in Gatlinburg without entering the city, but I guess many would want to maximize the opportunity to the fullest, as there are many other places to see. White Christmas is not a myth.

 In the bare eye view, you can enjoy the feel of winter with family and friends. You and your other half can be cozy beside the fire[place, say sweet things to yourself and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Who knows, some bits of romance can spring up from there. 

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

What’s a Christmas destination center without Hawaii? You might have heard a lot about it that perhaps makes you think it is overrated. Well, what you have heard is nothing compared to what you will experience in Hawaii. Spoiler alert: there is no white Christmas in Honolulu, but you will enjoy a sunny feel of Christmas with a beach-like feel.

The island is usually filled with holiday life during the end-of-the-year season. And the city’s historical landmarks can be enjoyed by strolls on the Waikiki beach. Every day of December, you will get to be entertained by live music and parades. If you are looking for a serene environment with lots of tourists and fun, you should try Honolulu in Hawaii out.

Where to stay:

 Halekulani is the perfect place for you if you are looking to lodge in Hawaii. It hosts around 7 of every 10 travelers into the island and its location gives a perfect view of the beachfront. The restaurants are top-notch and there’s a spa to enjoy relaxing therapy.

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