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Top Destinations for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Over the past few years, there has been a massive rise in cannabis consumption around the world and more and more states are legalizing this substance which has led to significant growth in the industry. More cannabis products are also available in stores, both online at sites like Smoke Cartel, through this link, and in physical stores like Yocan, so get more information from  One of the most frequently asked questions that we see on social media is where to go for good weed. Some places stand out as being especially good for Cannabis Enthusiasts.Below is a list of 5 locations that will satisfy every stoner’s need.

Cannabis Enthusiasts


Uruguay became the very first country in the world to legalize marijuana in 2013. Uruguay is full of culture and is home to one of the world’s most renowned theaters called the Solis Theatre which is located in the center of Montevideo’s acting scene and was built in 1856. If you are a cannabis lover, you will enjoy visiting this destination because tourists can enjoy a cannabis tour which includes a visit to “grow shops”’, a marijuana farming site where a professional cannabis cultivator will talk about the secrets of the practice and local bars. As a tourist, you must try a cup of maté, an herbal tea infused with weed, which originated in South America. 


In Canada, recreational use of cannabis was legalized on the 1st of July 2018. Canada is most famous for Maple Syrup and in fact, their national flag has the maple leaf represented on it. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, Canada is a great place to visit. There is a long-standing marijuana culture in this country and each province has stores with regulated and quality controlled marijuana. Canada is a huge center of cannabis cultivation and even when cannabis was illegal, the city of Vancouver had a few coffee shops where people could openly smoke marijuana. In Calgary, which is the largest city in Alberta, you can enjoy a guided tour along the famous “graffiti alley” while smoking. There are many cannabis-infused tours in Calgary that range from paddle boating to video gaming. 

The Netherlands 

The Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, is probably one of the most famous cannabis destinations in the world. Since the 1970’s, the police in Holland have gotten the instruction to turn a blind eye to coffee shops that sell cannabis as long as they were following certain guidelines. Tourists from all across the world flock to these famous coffee shops. The Netherlands views the cannabis subculture as a significant way to generate tourist revenue so upon visiting here, you will find a variety of coffee shops from cozy and laidback, to high energy and high end. 


Jamaica is famous for its beautiful tropical beaches and its strong cannabis culture because of its Rastafari religion and reggae music. Although marijuana hasn’t been formally legalized in Jamaica yet, you can apply for a permit to have access to medical marijuana. Jamaica’s Caribbean climate is the perfect place for growing marijuana. Their government is focusing on developing and cultivating medical marijuana plants for research and prescribing for medicine. There might be restrictions on marijuana in Jamaica, but if you travel to this beautiful destination, the locals will still be able to help you get your hands on some very good buds and if you stay at Coral Cove Cannabis Resort, you can walk through a cannabis garden that is on the property. 


Portugal is considered the new hot destination in Europe. Many people are flocking there to visit their top tourist attractions such as the Archipelago of Azores, Algarve, and Sintra. In 2001, carrying personal quantities of all drugs, including marijuana, was decriminalized which does not mean that weed is legal in Portugal however, you will not get punished if you are found carrying small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

If you are a cannabis lover and want to book your next vacation, consider one of these cannabis-friendly destinations so that you optimize your downtime. These are considered the top destinations for cannabis lovers, so you won’t be disappointed. 

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