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Top Causes of Vehicular Accidents You Need to Be Aware Of

As populations increase and people live longer, more and more people are on the roads these days. Many people are in a hurry and are busy thinking about what they need to do next. It’s no surprise that there are accidents every day. Many people are injured, and sadly some die.Five of the common Causes of Vehicular Accidents this will help you be prepared for one.Look at this list of Causes of Vehicular Accidents.

Research reveals that vehicle accidents can occur for a host of different reasons. Having said that, certain scenarios appear again and again. We are now going to discuss some of the most common factors involved in road crashes.

Causes of Vehicular Accidents

Top 5 Causes of Vehicular Accidents

Distracted Drivers

In America this is the top reason accidents occur. People may be telling their kids off or eating on the go. Perhaps they are grooming themselves or putting on makeup. Alternatively, they may be looking at maps or reading something.

The huge rise in the popularity of phones has brought more risks into the equation. If someone speaks to a person using a hands-free phone, they will have a reduced level of concentration on the road. If they hold a mobile phone whilst talking, they will be four times more likely to have an accident. Sadly some people even text on the go. In this instance, a person becomes 23 times more likely to crash.

When such unfortunate events occur at no fault of your own, it’s common for attorneys to become involved. If someone was involved in a truck accident, for example, they may need to draw on the experience of a personal injury lawyer. They will require a personalized service from a professional with a good track record. This should speed up any claim for compensation, with the lawyer remaining as the person’s advocate, even if things end up in court.

Drinking And Driving

This is the third biggest culprit when it comes to road accidents in the USA. In 2010 alone, nearly one and a half million drivers were arrested because the Police suspected the drivers were under the influence. There is an organization called MAAD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). They estimate there are 300,000 alcohol-related incidents every day.

People may be driving to parties and yet still be drinking alcohol when they get there. It’s a dangerous game using a car rather than a taxi in this scenario. Alcohol does not just inhibit a person’s concentration levels. It can reduce their reaction times, and makes them feel over-confident.

Speeding Drivers

There are many road signs that say ‘Speed Kills’, and it’s true. It’s surely better to arrive somewhere late but well than to rush your way into a collision with someone. Despite all the warnings on television and elsewhere, this is the second biggest cause of accidents on the road. It amounts to one-third of all car accidents in the United States.

People who are in a hurry are dangerous. They may overtake slower cars on bends or take chances they would never normally do.

Reckless Driving

This category follows logically from what we have just discussed. Someone may be in such a hurry they are tailgating you. This is a dangerous practice as they won’t have sufficient stopping time if you suddenly reduce your speed. This scenario accounts for many road accidents.

A person may disregard the rules of the road and change lanes recklessly. They may ignore red traffic lights and stop signs. Road rage has become a feature in recent years, with angry drivers deliberately crashing into other cars or getting out and hitting other motorists.

Adverse Weather

When the sun is low in the sky it can be hard to see directly ahead of you. Some people crash into cars or people as a result. Think about rain, ice, snow, and fog. People battle with reduced visibility and slippery road conditions. When people do not reduce their speeds they become at a higher risk of crashing. Braking distances can be affected too. People may have ice or moisture build upon their car windows. If this is not removed, the chances of having an accident become increased.

These are some of the most common reasons people experience vehicle accidents. There are also such things as the use of drugs, animals crossing roads, defective cars, night driving, tiredness, and faulty roads. In addition, there are irresponsible teenage drivers and people road racing in a way similar to the Fast And Furious films.

People need to be aware that if they drive irresponsibly, they risk the lives of the occupants of their vehicle, and anyone else who is on the road.

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