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Top Attractions in Saudi Arabia for a Solo Traveler

Are you looking to add a new solo or single destination to your list of visited spots on Earth? You might consider looking to the Middle East for new places for that list. Thousands plan vacations in Europe or North America but maybe try a more unique path. Spend your vacation time in a part of the globe less traveled. The Middle East is one of the most ancient and fascinating regions. It will open your mind and heart to ancient history, majestic architecture, and breath-taking landscapes. Saudi Arabia stands out for its unparalleled natural treasures. Here more to see and do for tourists.Here are top Attractions in Saudi Arabia.

The tower-tall dunes or light blue waters are just a few of the natural wonders that wait. On top of these beautiful things to enjoy, Are you curious to learn more? You are on the right page… let’s go ahead!


Riyahd Spring Festival

Saudi Arabia: A Destination For Fun

Saudi Arabian F1 GP

Whether solo traveling or a group vacation, Saudi Arabia is a great place to make traveling memories. Despite many rumors, traveling in Saudi Arabia as a solo traveler is safer than many people think.

Where should a solo traveler start? Saudi Arabia is rich in local traditions and culture. Each city has specific festivals and yearly events worth visiting. The Janadriyah National Festival is certainly worth looking into. This two week event is Saudi Arabia’s festival celebrating the local culture and heritage. This festival offers plenty of activities, including dancing, shows, camel races, and more. The Janadriyah festival is on par with other famous festivals around the world. Comparing it to the Carnival de San Miguel in El Salvador or the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro would be apt.

The Riyadh Spring Festival is three-months of celebration of local spring traditions. From 15 October to 15 December Riyadh hosts numerous events. Over 100 entertainment events across 12 areas in the city. Due to its long running time, it’s an excellent chance to see Riyadh’s wonderful culture.

Sports And Racing In Saudi Arabia

Despite what many think, Saudi Arabia is an incredible place for sport. Horse and camel racing are the most popular sports but that is not all. Saudi Arabia is home to several important global motorsports competitions.

Rally Dakar is an annual rally raid organized by the Amaury Sport Organization. The next rally will be in Saudi Arabia from January 2nd through the 14th. The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix takes place in a unique location surrounded by the beautiful background of Jeddah.  The Grand Prix was first held last year in 2021. Saudi Arabia had the honor to be the first Middle Eastern country to host the F1 event. The track is considered one of the fastest street tracks in the world. as its average speed reaches 250km/h (160 mph). It’s a 50-lap circuit for a total race length of 308.450 km (191.662 mi). Next year, you may want to include this unique car racing event in your wish list of things to see in Saudi Arabia.

Sports betting is also extremely popular in Saudi Arabia. Rajeh Abdullah, sports analyst of Casinoelarab, notes sports betting is quite popular on international soccer as well. Mr. Abdullah pointed out horse racing and camel racing are still the most popular local sports.

Down-Time In Saudi Arabia

rosewater from Taif

When you plan a vacation, you should also insert some down-time activities. Visiting museums, historical sites, or snorkeling in the Red Sea might occupy your daytime but what of the evening? Take a tip from the locals and try shopping. Not shopping at the mall, but rather the local market. Old markets are the best places to find souvenirs that are more local. If you visit Riyadh, slip off to its market Deira Souq. You may then reach the famous Edge of the World (Jebel Fihrayn in Arabic), only 90 minutes away from Riyadh. This 600 kilometer-long line of cliffs in central Saudi will take your breath away for sure.

If you’d like to know where the best Arabic perfumes come from, a visit to the old city of Taif is a must-do free-time activity for every traveler in Saudi Arabia. Taif’s mild weather allows roses to develop delightful intense scents. Taif’s roses are used to make exquisite rosewater and rose oil that are exported across the world.

As a solo traveler, you can move across Saudi Arabia quickly and include even more places to see… so what are you still waiting for?

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