Top Attractions, Eateries, and Chalets in Al Khobar

Are you preparing to visit Saudi Arabia for a holiday? Here is some information that will help. Al Khobar is one of the most amazing cities in Saudi Arabia. It has a Corniche (which is a large waterfront) spread across a large area, extending across Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Sea Park, and has playgrounds and cafes worth visiting. If you are looking for information to have a wonderful holiday staying at the Chalets in Al Khobar then keep reading.

Get Affordable Luxurious Chalets

While exploring areas in Al Khobar for chalets, you would like to explore Al Lulu and Al Tahliyah. While visiting these areas, Almosafer has some recommendations in the Eastern Province that you would not want to miss.

Elegant Chalet with Play Area

If you are traveling with kids, then you must consider Chalets with a play area. At Al Lulu, numerous options are affordable and ideal. These chalets have all the basic amenities you will need for a memorable, relaxing, and comfortable stay. It is a one bedroom and two bathrooms chalet.

There are fully furnished bedrooms, an outdoor pool, a furnished kitchen, a living room with air conditioning, sparkling clean restrooms, an indoor majlis, a grass lawn, a kids’ playground, parking, and even a gorgeous patio.

In the kitchen, you will find a working refrigerator, oven, microwave, kettle, and basic cooking equipment. The bathrooms have a shower and constant water.

Nearby Attractions

While staying at the Al Khobar chalets, explore the attractions in Al Lulu. Some recommendations for you are:

  •  Emirates Palace
  •  Louvre Abu Dhabi
  •  Qasr AlHosn
  •  Corniche Beach
  •  Qasr Al Watan
  •  Warehouse 421
  •  Emirates Heritage

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Eateries to Explore

What is the fun without exploring mouthwatering delicacies at the restaurants nearby? Here are some places you must visit for a delicious bite of cuisine:

  • Chip Steakhouse & Bar
  • Moxie’s Richmond
  • The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
  • Match Eatery and Public House
  • Luxurious Chalet with Pool

Want a luxurious experience staying at a Luxurious Chalet with a Pool while you are in Al Lulu? If yes, then you will love the outdoor pool, furnished kitchen, living room, dining area, bedroom, and patio. There is fresh green grass on the lawn for you and your kids to have fun and relax. There is an indoor majlis as well, with air conditioning, and all that you will need. The kids will love the playground and outdoor pool.

The kitchen has all the cooking equipment you can need during your stay. There is a refrigerator, kettle, and oven as well as a microwave. The experience is truly luxurious and comfortable.

Comfy Chalet with Pool

If you are visiting Al Taliyah, then there is no need to worry. There are some amazing and comfortable chalets with a pool to stay at. There are always amazing Chalets in Al Khobar to stay at. You will find all the amenities you need available. There

There are water slides and an outdoor pool where you and your kids can have loads of fun in complete privacy. There are two bedrooms, and two bathrooms available. You also have a car park where you can keep your vehicle safe. The kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, kettle, refrigerator, and cooking equipment you may need. The bathrooms have toilet paper, towels, and a shower.

Nearby Attractions

  1. King Abdullah Park – You and the kids can have a memorable fun time at this park. It has 12 meters long walkways and sports areas. There are dancing fountain water displays that are a major attraction.
  2. Riyadh Zoo – Here you will get to explore the zoological gardens that spread across 55 acres. It is home to more than 40 animal species. Parents must accompany the kids. There is so much fun to find here.
  3.  Edge Of The World – You get to stand at the edge of the world – literally. It is a breathtaking and out-of-this-world experience. Stand on top of 300-meter-high cliffs to see the whole world spread before your very eyes.
  4. Masmak Fortress – Are you a history buff? If yes, you must visit Masmak Fortress. It has rich architectural styles that depict the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. There is a 99-story high sky bridge as well. It has a historic past when King Abdul-Aziz captured this fortress (his ancestral house) to gain control of Riyadh.

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Eateries to Explore

Some highly recommended places to visit for a wonderful meal are:

  • Oxar Prime Steakhall – Their specialty is serving American, European, Barbecue, and Grill cuisines.
  • Bialah Dessert Shop & Cafe – This is also a must-visit place to get some great coffee and tea after exploring Al Taliya.
  • Zafran Indian Bistro – This is where you can get some high-quality Indian cuisine. The ambiance is very inviting and relaxing. You must try it.

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House Rules at the Chalets 

There are some basic house rules to keep in mind though. While staying at these Al Khobar chalets, check-in starts at 15:00, and checkout time is until 03.00. You will have to make a security deposit which you can collect upon checking out. If you overstay the night, then there is an additional fee of 300 SAR. Check-out time is at noon if you overstay night. While staying at the chalets, you are responsible for the safety of your kids so keep them within your reach while they have fun in the pool.

This is all for now folks. Have a wonderful stay at these chalets and explore Saudi Arabia in comfort. 

Last Updated on January 15, 2023

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