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Top Adventure Activities to Experience in Chiang Mai

Thailand has been known for its hospitality, food and culture for generations, but the emerging adventure lover has discovered a place full of energy and pep in the striking town of Chiang Mai. Visitors to this destination can literally vouch for the enthusiasm bursting at the seams, as far as adventure sports scene is concerned, when in Chiang Mai. Some of the best adventure activities described here will go a long way in encouraging adventure enthusiasts to experience first hand some of the extreme sports which they may have never imagined even existed before. Six things that every adventure lover will love in Chiang Mai.Take a look at this list of Activities to experience in Chiang Mai.

adventure activities to experience in Chiang Mai

Bamboo Rafting 

The lush green Highlands of Chiang Mai are a source of many major rivers that wind their way across South East Asia. These fast flowing bodies of water are perfect for rafting as all nature of graded falls can be encountered here. A typical day trip could include, apart from rafting, lunch and a visit to a tribal hill village. 


Hiking or trekking in Chiang Mai is extremely popular, simply because it allows the avid tourist to access remote areas which would otherwise not be possible by any other way. For an unforgettable experience treks can be organised for varying time durations. These may range from short three hour scenic walks to waterfalls or longer duration trips to pristine tribal villages to get a true feel of the way the locals still and happily live. Seasoned hikers have the option of doing long trips in tough terrain through jungles and river crossings. 

Interaction with elephants 

This may sound a bit out of the ordinary, but the scores of elephant camps which have sprung up around Chiang Mai bear ample testimony to the fact that people have a penchant to conserve the wildlife wherever possible. Animal lovers and other tourists get a unique opportunity to get up close to these gentle giants by feeding them, washing them and if possible ride them through the forests and over streams for an unparalleled experience. 


While this activity is available at many places the world over, the thrill of whizzing over the treetops over a tropical forest can only be experienced in Chiang Mai. Nowhere else can one look down on over dense canopies and spot gibbons frolicking in the undergrowth. A typical zip package would consist of around three hours of zip lining, an excursion to some tourist spot, lunch and to and fro transfers. 


A kayaking trip in an inflatable raft over rushing rapids offers a truly lifetime experience for those willing to brave it. Not that there are many obstacles, but the expert on hand will ensure that everybody get a mega thrill. There are ample chances for newcomers as well as seasoned hands to try their expertise under professional supervision. 

Combine your trips 

This is truly a great advantage of partaking in an adventure odyssey in Chiang Mai simply because it allows you to have a feel of multiple activities in one single day. For the adventure junkie the options are endless. Enthusiasts can opt for rafting with trekking or ATV tours with rafting or trekking. Even zip line can be fixed with rafting or an ATV with village stay plus trekking and rafting. The options are actually unlimited. 

In conclusion, Chiang Mai is a haven for those who wish to experience extreme outdoor activities. This hilly area offers so much to the adventure lover all in one area that no other place can come even close to it. 

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