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Top Accessible Vacation Sites for People with Disabilities

There are many popular vacation sites that are both fun and accessible for everyone, including those people with disabilities.When looking for the ideal vacation spot that offers sufficient accessibility and plenty of things to do, the following are some great options to consider.

People with Disabilities

For Beaches: San Diego, California

If vacationers want to head to the beach for their next trip, San Diego offers plenty of accessible beach locations. Many of this city’s beaches offer free wheelchair rentals specifically for use on the sand. Although this can be convenient, the city hands these out on a first-come-first-served basis, which can lead to waiting periods unless the beach offers reservations.

Some of the top beaches for people with disabilities in San Diego include Mission Beach, Imperial Beach, and La Jolla Shores.

For Amusement Parks: Disney World and Disneyland

Both Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland Park located in Anaheim, California, offer plenty of accessibility to guests with disabilities. Disney parks feature accessible parking lots, although they both have certain standard parking rates and require valid parking permits.

Disney World includes over 40 different attractions that are wheelchair-accessible, while Disneyland also has a wide selection of accessible attractions. Additionally, both parks offer certain services depending on the specific types of disabilities that guests may have. For example, they offer advance ticket purchases, quiet break areas, dietary accommodations, wheelchair and electric conveyance vehicle (ECV) rentals, and accessible restrooms. Guests may also request services for visual and hearing disabilities, along with light sensitivity.

For Cruises: The Symphony of the Seas

People with disabilities can also choose from a variety of cruise lines to enjoy the perfect getaway on the seas. Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas offers one of the best experiences for individuals with mobility disabilities.

The ship includes a selection of features across 46 cabins specifically designed for guests with disabilities. These features include 32-inch-wide or wider doors, lowered sinks, shower installations such as hand-held showerheads and fold-down benches, roll-in showers, bathroom grab bars, and ramped bathroom thresholds. Outside of the rooms, the cruise also allows easy access to other areas, with assistive listening devices in theaters, theater seating for wheelchairs, and lifts at both the whirlpool and main pool.

For National Parks: Grand Canyon National Park

Individuals with disabilities can also enjoy the country’s beautiful national parks, as many of them offer ample accessibility options. One of these national parks is Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, which offers some breathtaking views that everyone can enjoy. At this particular park, visitors will find a wide range of accessible features, including accessible bookstores, ATMs, restrooms, and more.

In addition, the park includes multiple trails that are wheelchair-accessible, as well as several drives that eliminate the need for visitors to venture on foot.

Depending on what vacationers have in mind, there’s no shortage of places to see that offer accessibility to those who need it. If individuals with disabilities experience issues with receiving disability or even sustain injuries while visiting a vacation site, they may wish to contact an SSDI attorney for veterans or a catastrophic injury lawyer, respectively.

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