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Top 8 Things to Do in Istanbul with Family

Locked between Asia and Europe, Istanbul is a major city in Turkey that has a rich history and some great holiday attractions that can offer you the best vacation experience. Over the years, Istanbul has been one of the most visited cities in Turkey mainly because of its diverse cultural background and exotic Turkish traditions that it has to offer. Many families prefer to visit Istanbul for their vacation trip because it offers them the perfect way to get away from their hectic routine lifestyle and step into a different space altogether. Istanbul is perfect place for look to a different world that is rich in history,culture,food and traditions.Here’s 8 things to do in Istanbul

Things to Do in Istanbul with Family

If you have made plans for a holiday trip to Istanbul with your family you need to focus on how you can book your accommodation and flight tickets to ensure that there is no discrepancy at the last moment. You can use the Turkish Airlines online booking option that connects with different cities across the globe. Currently, Turkish Airlines offer services to 315 destinations globally allowing you to travel to Istanbul. Also, when you are traveling with kids and family you need to have an action plan to help you decide how you can make the most of the time and resources you have. 

Here are top 8 things to do in Istanbul with family:

Visiting the Hagia Sophia

Your trip to Istanbul is practically incomplete if you haven’t visited the Hagia Sophia. It is considered to be one of the most popular religious buildings in the world with artworks that date back centuries. As you explore this building with your family you can take a tour into its history and the architectural magnificence it exhibits. You can also explore the art and the paintings and the main dome which is the highlight of the structure. 

Taksim Tram Ride

If you come from a place where trams are non-functional this is a great opportunity to compensate for that. Istanbul offers two heritage tramlines, one on the European side and the other on the Asian side. These tramlines have original tramcars from the first-generation tramway in 1966. When you are with your kids and family, going for a tram ride would be a unique experience that you can get, allowing you to snake through the busiest streets of the city without hurting your budget. 

A Ferry Ride at Bosphorus

Taking a ferry ride at the Bosphorus is something that you shouldn’t miss especially when you are in Istanbul. It offers a great way to explore the city and view it from a different perspective. If you are running out of time to see various historical attractions in Istanbul taking a ferry ride could offer you some compensation. You can find various ferries that can help you with these ferry rides when you are in Istanbul. These tours would offer you to have a great time with your family as you sail past some of the historical attractions of the city.

Princes’ Island Tour

Speaking of ferries, you can also focus on a tour to The Princes’ Island (a.k.a. Adalar) with your loved ones when you are visiting Istanbul. Nestled 20 kilometres southeast of Istanbul these islands offer a perfect one-day getaway option. The island offers a great way to get away from the urban lifestyle and you can enjoy food and the scenic view that you get. These islands have plenty of hotels, restaurants and shopping stores to help you continue with your holiday experiences. 

Tip – Book in advance to avail good deals and discounts on your fare. If you are traveling from Dammam, Saudi Arabia you can look for Dammam to Istanbul flight booking options as well which might be a cheaper route.  

Savour the Turkish Cuisine

Of course, when you are with family and kids you will need to take a halt and eat. Over the years, Istanbul has been a melting pot of cultures and therefore the cuisine here reflects that everywhere. While you may want to choose Turkish cuisine you may also want to stick to other international cuisines that are easy to find here. This would allow you to get some options when you are looking for a great meal experience in Istanbul. If you love seafood, you can explore some options under the Galata Bridge. 

Touring Miniaturk

Istanbul offers you plenty of parks where you can let your kids play around. However, when you are here you can look for Miniaturk which is the world’s largest miniature park. This is a perfect place where you can come with your kids and loved ones and spend some quality time looking at more than 135 miniature models from Turkey and around the world spread across 15,000 square meters. Located on the Golden Horn in Istanbul this is a perfect family place that would be a great way for the kids to enjoy their time in Istanbul. 

Exploring the Sea Life Aquarium

Istanbul also offers one of the best public aquariums that you can find in Turkey. Located in the Forum Shopping Center in the Bayrampasa district this is one of the five largest aquariums in the world. The aquarium packs a massive 47 display tanks that hold more than 15,000 sea creatures. The aquarium also has an 83 meters long ocean tunnel to offer a 270-degree panoramic view. 

Shopping at the Grand Bazaar & Spice Souk

If you are in Istanbul you must visit the Grand Bazaar which is the largest and the oldest covered markets in the world. With more than 4000 shops, this place can be overwhelming for shopaholics. If you are visiting Istanbul with your family this is one of the best places that must be on your list. You can have some great shopping with your family and look for some valuable items that you can take back home. Not too far from the Grand Bazaar is Spice Souk (like the famous Marrakech souks) that not just sells spices, but also gifts and other merchandise. 


There is no doubt that Istanbul offers something for everyone and therefore it is a perfect place when you want to break your daily routine and look to a different world that is so rich in history, culture, food and traditions. However, it also offers you the best modern experiences helping you to get the best of both worlds. 

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