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Top 8 Things to Do in Brittany, France

Top 8 Things to Do in Brittany, France

France is one of the most popular tourist destinations all across the globe. From having an intense romantic experience in Paris, the city of love, to an exciting experience of the natural beauty, it has got it all.

It the northwest region, Brittany is a place that holds its own identity. Being a combination of natural beauty and manmade architecture, many people tend to visit this place on their vacations. Nevertheless, here are the top things that you can do in Brittany.

1. Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo is a very rare thing to witness. The walled city is just as majestic as the sun at noon. It is a Channel port where you could just walk straight from the ferry into town making the most out of your weekend break. It doesn’t only feature a wide range of hotels and restaurants, but has a number of wonderful beaches as well.

On clear evenings, a number of visitors especially visit the place to witness the sight of sun-setting. It is perhaps one of the most popular places of Brittany. To discover all the northwest region, you need to stay in 5 stars campsite Chateau de Galinee. The campsite is surrounded by beautiful trees and it is an ideal peaceful place to rest and to enjoy nature. For more convenience, you can rent a giant tent or a mobil-home which looks like to a tiny house. In the campsite you get access to an interior and warmed swimming pool and to a water park, perfect for families with children. During the summer, you can relax over a drink at the bar by listening to music played by local music groups. Ideally situated, you can visit Sant-Malo and surroundings like the city of Dinan.

2.  Old center of Dinan

Dinan stands out amongst a number of regions situated in Brittany. Most people consider it as the prettiest place. It features cobblestone streets with houses dating back to the 1200s. As we start exploring the place, you will wonder whether you are actually in the 21st century.

The river port is just as attractive as it used to be. There is a number of restaurants by the quay that adds more drama to the entire environment. There is a lot more we can learn about the history of this wonderful town.

3. Coastal scenery

The physical geography of this place is immensely raw and beautiful that once can spend years on the coast of Morbihan and Finistere. It offers one of the most refreshing sea-sights all across the globe.

The Pink Granite Coast is where the rocks have an unusual tint which makes them seem unnatural. This is the reason behind its immense popularity. There are other coastal areas worth a visit.

4. Quimper

Quimper is Brittany’s oldest city which initiated as the capital of the kingdom of Cornouaille. Even though it still appears a pre-historic state due to the presence of artistic museums and a huge Gothic cathedral, it is still much more like a provincial market town which stretches along the banks of river Odet. For most part of the year, it is a beautiful place to walk around and especially shop for the hand-painted pottery. Every July, Quimper comes back to intense life with the celebrations of Breton music and traditions.

5. Carnac

Carnac may appear like an ordinary Breton village but archaeologists consider it to be oldest inhabited settlement in entire Europe. Situated in the north, you will see long rows of standing stones placed in a parallel manner. Even if this scene doesn’t seem appealing, Carnac is also home to magnificent beaches making it an ideal destination for holiday-makers who are fond of coastal areas.

6. Locronan

Locronan is one of the most popular destinations in Brittany. Being an exclusive village, it is a tiny place with several hundred people living there. It is a true delight to discover such place. It is a surprise that a number of French movies and TV serials have been shot in this place.

The largest residences in Locronan dates back to the 1700s that belongs to the owners of sail-weaving business.

7. Brittany’s Canals

The region’s countryside boasts a network of canal that is spread over 600 kilometers. This has created unlimited possibilities for the world of tourism. You will be able to hire a narrow boat in most of the places.

There is no license needed to travel on the boats giving you an opportunity to view many historic sights.

8.  Saint-Goustan

This port was one of the busiest in this region from 17th to 19th century. Even though the port doesn’t handle the sort of traffic today but it is a popular tourist destination with a number of art galleries and boutiques. There are a number of restaurants as well with outdoor seating next to the waters. It is indeed a must-visit.

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