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Top 7 Tips for Planning Your Destination Beach Wedding

The wedding ceremony is the birthday of a new family. Therefore, everybody wants to spend this special day so that to create memories to cherish for many years to come. Nowadays, people have many opportunities to make their everyday life exciting, say nothing about such a special day like wedding. Sometimes a stretch of imagination is limited with money problems, but if you don’t have any problems with finance, you can do everything you want, even… think about planning a beach wedding! Hence, if you want to learn how to have a wedding on the beach, read the following recommendations.How to plan a beach wedding? Here are the best destination wedding planning tips that help you make this day special!

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How to Plan a Beach Wedding: Useful Tips

All girls dream about the memorable wedding. Moreover, all girls dream that this event will be only once in lifetime. Therefore, it is not surprising that they choose to have exotic wedding. Here are some useful pieces of advice that will help you to cope with destination wedding planning:

1. Choose a place. Deciding on the right country and beach is a half of work done! Certainly, planning a beach wedding is not an up-to-the-minute whim. Therefore, you might have several ideas where to spend your beach wedding. By the way, don’t forget to ask advice of your significant other because wedding is a holiday for two loving hearts. Also, if you are going to organize your seaside wedding in south-east England and want to hire a marquee service, check out these marquees in Essex.

2. Care about suitable clothes. Hopefully, you understand that an exotic place for a ceremony implies exotic clothes too. Certainly, a classic wedding dress with lace and high-heeled shoes is not the most comfortable outfit for walking on a beach. Luckily, lots of designers offer special wedding dresses for beach and you can easily find the one that will be perfect and comfortable for you. And of course, don’t forget to use sunscreen with high protection.

3. Learn the weather forecast in advance. If you have already chosen a particular beach and date of the ceremony, the next important step is to check the weather forecast. Indeed, the majority of people associate the sea shore with a beautiful sunny day. However, real life may change your ambitious plans for the worse. So, keep this aspect in mind, please!

4. Decide what type of ceremony you want to have – private or public one. Beach is considered a public place unless it is someone’s property. Therefore, if you want to have a private ceremony, it will be challenging to achieve in some places. However, local authorities may help you with this problem. So, be ready to cooperate with them in advance.

5. Get permission from the local authorities. Another important thing to consider is to have official permission from authorities, especially if you want to have a wedding ceremony somewhere abroad. Certainly, it is much easier to get it in your own country, but even such a situation has its pitfalls. For example, authorities have a right to refuse your application if you want to have a party with alcohol on a beach. Therefore, make sure your event will be organized according to the local rules and laws. In this case, you will have more chances to get permission.

6. Make a list of guests. What is the wedding without guests? Certainly, it is necessary to invite your close relatives and best friends. You should plan this moment and know how many people you want to invite because this information should be provided to the local authorities. Moreover, take care that your friends feel comfortable in the selected place. Someone may have a heat exhaustion or sunstroke, so be ready to provide a lot of water and shade.

7. Hire an assistant. Planning of a wedding is an extremely stressful and complicated process! Destination wedding planning is even more difficult. If you feel a great pressure connected with the wedding ceremony, hiring an assistant may be the best way to avoid nerve-wracking. You may always hire a professional who will be able to cope with all difficulties, explain how to plan everything step by step, and organize the ceremony properly.

8. Make table setting even more romantic. Your table set-up will play a big role in the overlook look of your wedding venue. You can stick with your theme but you also have the option to highlight and embrace your wedding location. Add some sea life to the tables by putting some sea decors like corals, seashells or sea urchins. Throw in some splash of colors through tablecloth linens. Make sure that the end result achieves your vision and make you and your guests comfortable.

By using these practical tips, you will be able to plan your destination wedding perfectly. You should not give up, even if your plans seem unreal, because the day of family creation should always be a fantastic fairy-tale for both of you!

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