Top 7 Sardinia Campervan Tips

The Italian island of Sardinia is an excellent option for those who are looking for adventurous camps. It is diverse and offers an exceptional option for the campers and provides something for everyone with any kind of learning. A dream destination for the beach worshipers, a fashion destination for the rich and a paradise on earth for the surfers –it is indeed one of the best options to enjoy the beaches and everything. Useful information for having fun and safe Camper Trips along the gorgeous Italian island of Sardinia with these travel tips.

So, if you have opted to visit Sardinia and looking for hints, tips, and guides – here are a few tips about camper trips that can be helpful enough.

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Sardinia Travel Advice

Top 7 Tips for Camper Trips in Sardinia

1. Camper Hires in Sardinia are the best options to enjoy

Sardinia is an excellent destination for multiple purposes. It isn’t for the rich and pompous tourists, neither it is for the surfers. It isn’t only for the family-oriented. In fact, it offers the best for each of these categories. We consider it an excellent option for exciting camper hires for a real homely treat. The services like yepcampers.com can be an excellent choice. Opting for camper hires will give you access to the landmarks from closer quarters compared to staying at the hotels. You will enjoy the convenience at your doorsteps.

2. Visit the beautiful Beaches

Beaches are what you would love as one of the best destinations and Sardinia offers you a good number of them. If you believe that is what you have been looking to start your journey with, you will find a few great beaches, some of which have been listed as the top 10 world beaches. The coastline of the region reads over 2000 km long. Almost all the coasts of the Sardinia region have beautiful beaches.

3. Go surfing and relaxation

The North coast of Sardinia is an excellent option for enjoying the best of the experience in terms of surfing. In addition, you will enjoy the radiance of coastlines, sunken Roman galleys, and rugged cliffs. The stretches of beaches like stretches of the coast like Santa Teresa di Gallura or the Costa Paradiso are extremely enjoyable. Monte Limbara is yet another excellent option for those who love trekking. You can also go to Capo Testa, which incidentally is the northernmost point of Sardinia.

4. West coast – For the colorful coastline

Normally untouched by mass tourism, this can be one of the best options if you are looking for a quiet and serene atmosphere. The coast can be one of the best options for groups with families and children. The region has some great looking beaches; notable among them being Is Arutas on the Sinis Peninsula. The sands constitute bright sand and together with the sea- it will offer you an extremely beautiful sight.

Sardinia Travel Advice

5. The South coast is for life and sand

Yes, in sharp contrast to the rest of the coasts, the south coast of Sardinia is the longest sandy beach on the complete island. The coast is complete with long beaches and beautiful towns so that you will stay in touch with the civilization and the nature at the same time – something that may not be a real feat otherwise. Some popular beaches include Chia, Nora, and Santa Margherita near Pula, and Poetto beach in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia.

6. The East Coast is for the Cliffs and Deserted Bays

The East Coast has been considered to be the heart of the Sardinian island. You will indeed love the beautiful and picturesque landscape, complete with steeper cliffs and hills. If you love hiking and trekking, it should be the most adventurous experience. Ogliastra is what you would love for an unforgettable experience. If you are not fond of trekking, you can enjoy the beaches at the nearby options among Tertenia, Cala E’Luas, and Perd’ePera.

7. Beautiful cities steal the show

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is one of the promising options if you love the relaxing atmosphere. The city is the largest in Sardinia with around 168,000 inhabitants and is located between Pula and Villasimius. It has a few noteworthy site-seeing options. You have access to exciting façade, small-sized markets, streets with paving stones, and cozy cafés.

If you visit Sardinia once, you would indeed fall in love with it forever. We have discussed only a few select coasts of the region, and you might have already fallen in love with the region. Imagine how you would love when you visit the cities and all the beaches of this exciting tourist destination. And visiting the region in a hired camper van offers you several advantages. Opt for the best camping essentials and enjoy the best of freedom and flexibility.

Last Updated on March 9, 2022

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