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Top 7 Tips on What Not to Do and Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is officially known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, owing to the presence of the fine dining, casinos, shopping areas, resorts, and a luxurious ambiance. Located in the Mojave Desert of the Nevada country, Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations who want to spend some quality time away from their monotonous lifestyle.All first-time visitors should take a look at this list of seven tips on Things to Do in Las Vegas and especially, what NOT to do.

Things to Do in Las Vegas

However, as it is said everything we see isn’t true, Las Vegas has many hidden facts which can baffle the tourists in the most nerve-wracking manner. So, if you are visiting the city for the first time and wanting to know how to cope up with the lifestyle frame of this US city, then here are the required tips that you should know.

What Not to Do and Things to Do in Las Vegas


Las Vegas has the buildings closely spaced, which generally gives you the illusion of the distance between two spots being a walking distance. However, on the account of those who have already suffered on the hands of this terrific illusion, it can be said that in Vegas, never trust what you see.

The closely spaced building blocks cover a large distance, which you won’t understand unless you are tiring your feet and tearing your shoes. So, it’s better to take some sort of transport while moving around the city. Ask the local inhabitants to get a clear idea on this peculiarity of the city’s architecture.

Things to Do in Las Vegas is ALLOW THE DRINKS TO COME

As the city is filled with bars and casinos, there is an interesting event, which occurs almost every day. In such gambling sectors, drinks are offered for free to keep you entertained and into the game. This is some sort of promotional trick but heck, all that matters to you is to get a free drink rather than spending bucks for a glass of cocktail or stirred martini. Also, if you are late for the party, then wait for any DJ show or other sorts of entertaining events. You will definitely get a chance to feast over the delicious casino drinks. But as said, in Las Vegas, being early is better.


If you want to explore the city of Vegas, then that’s one of the best ideas along with being one of the riskiest ideas. Now, focusing on the best part- Las Vegas is full of deliciousness in form of dining, malls, casinos, grander architecture, funny statues, and so on. The Strip, the MGM, the Grand Luxor, and so many grand hotel strips are there which are worth your visit, but not at the cost of your feet and your energy.

Exactly, Las Vegas depends on the traffic and that’s why never go out on exploration in the peak hours. The roads will be crowded with both the tourists and the vehicles, making it quite difficult for you to walk freely along the side lane without having to wait for the crowd to move.

Things to Do in Las Vegas is SHARE THE RIDE

In Las Vegas, you will have the impeccable opportunity to avail cheap car rental in Las Vegas where you can share rides with others. You can book the shared rides from airports or from any other famous tourist spot in Vegas to a particular destination. Shuttle picks are available in Las Vegas, giving you the chance to travel in comfort at a cheap rate.


Las Vegas isn’t just a gambling city with grandeur casinos. It is the hub of luxury inspired comfort and lifestyle. This is why restaurants are quite famous in the city. Starting from normal dining areas to the five-star diners, the city lanes are packed with different restaurants housing different cuisines. So, obviously satiating your hunger without having the rich taste of the food will be difficult. But you have to do that, at least during the peak hours for your own sanity.

During the peak hours of dining, i.e. from 6 to 8 in the evening, the restaurants are packed with customers. If you visit any cafe or diner during that two-hour duration, you will have to stand in the queue for a long time. And by the end of the day, when you will reach the counter, stumbling with swollen toes, you won’t have any food. So, try to visit the restaurants after the peak hours so as to dine with your loved ones in the confines of peace and comfort.


Visiting the casinos without having any gambling knowledge will be equal to the foolish act. So, before you enter Las Vegas officially, do a check on your gambling knowledge and train yourself on the various casino games. If you are not aware of how to play them, get professional training so as to enjoy the stay in Las Vegas.


The day temperature of Las Vegas can be quite overwhelming with the scorching heat of the sun. So, it’s better to carry a flimsy jacket to protect your arms from getting burned up under the heat. A water bottle is a must because you will be tiring yourself a lot during the days. You must also carry sunscreen in order to keep your skin safe and subtle, without having to experience the harshness of the Mojave Desert’s atmosphere.

What do you think about these recommendations for Things to Do in Las Vegas?

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